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Life Alert and Philips Lifeline provide effective medical alert protection. The devices are comparable but the extent of the services offered are much different. Both companies offer the benefit of a trusted brand name with many years of experience in the medical alert industry.

Overview: Life Alert vs Philips Lifeline

Life Alert and Philips Lifeline offer protection for customers both within their home and while they are away. GPS-enabled tracking allows customers to be as active as they want while still being protected. Cellular options are offered by both companies.

  • Philips Lifeline offers professional installation but it isn't required
  • Both companies offer nationwide coverage through cellular service
  • Life Alert requires a 3-year contract
  • Life Alert requires professional installation
  • Philips Lifeline requires an activation fee while Life Alert charges for their installation

Similarities: Philips Lifeline vs Life Alert

Life Alert and Philips Lifeline have call centers located in the United States that are staffed with highly trained and certified professionals. Both offer rapid response times and are capable of notifying local authorities immediately upon receiving an alert.

  • Both companies use cellular service and offer GPS-enabled devices
  • Devices for both companies are waterproof
  • Both companies support multiple languages ( Life Alert 100, Philips Lifeline 200)
  • Both offer fall detection in their advanced packages
  • At home and on the go packages are offered by both Life Alert and Philips Lifeline

Differences: Philips Lifeline vs Life Alert

Even though both companies offer on the go protection for seniors, they have taken different avenues to accomplish the goal. Instead of a wearable bracelet or pendant, Life Alert offers a cell phone that requires cellular service.

  • Philips Lifeline requires a $50 activation fee
  • Life Alert's professional installation costs anywhere from $96 to $200 depending on your location
  • Fall detection is a standard option with Philips Lifeline
  • Life Alert offers a mobile app
  • Philips Lifeline uses several tracking technologies to maintain contact with their devices


Life Alert offers both the traditional pendant for at home coverage and a cell phone for 24/7 monitoring while the customer is away from home. Life Alert's mobile app feature is a convenient way to keep track of your loved one. Life Alert's equipment can detect falls, home intrusions, accidents, and mobile emergencies.

Philips Lifeline offers a waterproof pendant that allows for both two-way communication and GPS-tracking. Philips Lifeline is capable of immediate connectivity with emergency response services and includes fall detection as a standard feature. Philips Lifeline also offers a medication management service.


Customers who chose Life Alert must agree to sign a contract for a 3-year term of service.

There are no contracts or service agreements with Philips Lifeline.


Life Alert pricing packages range from $50 to $90 a month. There are several options to choose from that are dependent on the devices and whether you want to include fall detection and home intrusion. There are no activation fees, but the charge for installation ranges from $96 to $200.

Philips Lifeline offers two main packages. The Home Safe package offers two options starting at $30 a month. The Go Safe 2 package also offers two options that start at $45 per month. In addition to the $50 activation fee, there is also a $99.95 equipment fee.


Life Alert offers several equipment options. The base unit is capable of two-way communication. Shower buttons, pendants, and wristbands are waterproof. Life Alert also offers both a cell phone and app for people who are on the go.

Philips Lifeline offers a base unit and a waterproof pendant. The pendant offers fall protection as a standard feature. Both the pendant and base unit offers two-way communication with the call centers.


Professional installation is required with Life Alert systems. To set up an appointment for installation, the customer must pay the required installation fee.

With Philips Lifeline, you have the option to install the system yourself or request a professional to visit your home. Additional fees are charged for professional installation.

Emergency Connections

Life Alert supports over 100 languages and uses cellular service to maintain 24/7 emergency connectivity. If an emergency occurs, emergency responders are notified immediately. Numbers on the client's contact list are also notified through text or phone messages.

Philips Lifeline uses wi-fi, GPS, and cellular service to maintain emergency connectivity. Emergency responders are dispatched 24/7/365 and provide almost immediate response times. Numbers on the contact list for the client will receive a notification via text or phone.

Summary: Life Alert vs Philips Lifeline

Life Alert is one of the more expensive options. With the use of the many devices and optional cell phone, it's a good choice for individuals who aren't necessarily on the go all the time but still want a respected name brand that has been in business for a long time.

Philips Lifeline is a name brand with a long history of providing reliable service. Although it's a little more expensive than a few of the other services, it's a good choice for individuals who are comfortable with advanced tracking capabilities with fewer devices.

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