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Between these two security systems, our favorite is GreatCall Lively.

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Life Alert and GreatCall offer medical alert devices for both at home and away emergency coverage. While Life Alert is somewhat limited in both features and equipment, GreatCall is designed to include more technologically advanced features that are compatible with smartphones and tablets.

Overview: Life Alert vs GreatCall

Life Alert and GreatCall provide immediate response to emergencies that occur both in the customer's home as well as when they are out in public. While Life Alert is somewhat more expensive for the limited services it offers, but both are extremely reliable and provide customers with various types of protection depending on the plans they choose.

  • GreatCall offers Lively which is a healthcare platform that includes an urgent care app
  • LifeAlert has built a solid reputation based on over 30 years in the business and quality products and services
  • GreatCall does not require any type of contract or service agreement
  • Both companies offer fall detection as an additional feature
  • Both companies offer a cell phone option

Similarities: GreatCall vs Life Alert

Both Life Alert and GreatCall Medical services offer emergency coverage for clients both in their home and when they are away. They both offer cell phone options and apps that allow caregivers to maintain contact with the customer. Both systems are cellular-driven so landlines are not required.

  • Devices from both companies are waterproof
  • Both companies offer wearable pendants that are waterproof and can be worn in the shower
  • Nationwide service is offered by both companies
  • Systems support multiple languages (Approximately 100 each)
  • Fall detection is offered as an add-on feature for both companies

Differences: GreatCall vs Life Alert

The differences between the two companies are extensive starting with the installation and contract requirements. GreatCall offers the Lively platform that opens up a wide range of services that can be accessed via their Jitterbug smartphone.

  • GreatCall offers a basic cell phone as well as a smartphone option
  • GreatCall offers an urgent care app that allows the customer to talk to a healthcare provider
  • Life Alert requires a contract
  • Life Alert offers shower/hallway buttons that can be placed where they are needed
  • Life Alert charges up to $200 for professional installation


Life Alert features include a pendant and wristband option, as well as a cell phone for 24/7 protection both at home and when you're away. Cell service guarantees an almost immediate response from call centers once a notification has been received. A mobile app is also available. Other features like fall detection and home intrusion protection can be included as add-ons to most packages.

GreatCall medical alert systems include GPS-enabled devices that provide coverage as long as they receive with Verizon's coverage areas. Both home and away packages are available. The Lively platform offers both a caregiver app as well as an urgent care app. Most devices offer two-way communication and are waterproof.


A 3-year contract is mandatory with all Life Alert packages.

GreatCall does not require any type of contractual or service-related agreement.


Packages offered by Life Alert range in price. Basic packages start at approximately $50 per month with the more advanced packages costing close to $90 per month. If you want to add home intrusion or fall detection, an additional fee will be added. There is also a fee for the professional installation that ranges from $96 to $200.

With GreatCall, many of the devices can be purchased upfront. The Lively 2 for example, costs $50. The basic service plan that offers 24-hour EMS response costs $25 every month. The next plan costs approximately $30 a month and includes the Urgent Care service. The advanced plan is a combination of both of the previous plans and also offers fall detection coverage. This plan also includes a device replacement discount that allows for damaged devices to be replaced for a $15 fee.


Life Alert offers a base unit that is capable of two-way communication. They also offer waterproof shower/hallway buttons, wristbands, and pendants. For away from home protection, Life Alert offers a cell phone and app for immediate connectivity.

Devices offered by GreatCall include two cell phones, the Jitterbug Smart2 and the Jitterbug Flip. They also offer the Lively Mobile and Lively Wearable pendant which are both traditional forms of medical alert devices. Both offer two-way communication and are fully waterproof.


Professional installation is the method most preferred by Life Alert. The devices are similar to other medical alert systems and could probably be moved by the consumer, but Life Alert requests all initial installations be performed professionally.

GreatCall offers easy to use instructions so the consumer can install the system themselves.

Emergency Connections

Both companies offer almost immediate emergency response once a notification has been received. Both companies offer service over a cellular network for maximum speed and efficiency. EMS teams are dispatched and family/friends are called as soon as an alert is received.

Summary: Life Alert vs GreatCall

Life Alert is one of the more limited of the medical alert systems. It does, however, provide reliable protection with almost immediate response times. It's a great choice for someone who doesn't need all the bells and whistles included with more technologically advanced systems.

GreatCall is an exceptional choice for individuals who are very active and would prefer the convenience of a cell phone over a call button. Well-rounded packages offer most of what people are looking for with this type of system.

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