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Life Alert and Alert1 are both well-known names in the medical alert industry. Their equipment is reliable and easy to use. Their fees are about average in terms of monthly costs, but both have activation or installation charges that may be considered to be somewhat excessive.

Overview: Life Alert vs Alert1

Life Alert and Alert1 offer reliable devices and rapid response times when it comes to dispatching emergency personnel. There are differences, however, especially when it comes to their on-the-go options and the types of fees they charge aside from their monthly charges.

  • Alert1 does not have its own monitoring facilities, but uses a third party center that staffs Diamond-certified staff members
  • Life Alert charges to have their system professionally installed ($96 to $200)
  • Multiple languages are supported by both companies (Life Alert 100, Alert1 190)
  • Alert1 offers automatic fall detection
  • Life Alert offers a cell phone option for their on-the-go coverage

Similarities: Alert1 vs Life Alert

Life Alert and Alert1 offer many of the same features and their wearable devices are waterproof. They both offer two-way communication that allows the user to interact with the call center in the event of a medical emergency. They also offer support for over 100 languages.

  • Both offer coverage for at home and on-the-go
  • Rapid response times are guaranteed with both systems
  • Wearable devices that are waterproof and easy to operate
  • Both offer 24/7 monitoring, but Alert1 does not have its own monitoring center
  • Both have been in the business for a long time and have solid reputations for quality and customer service

Differences: Alert1 vs Life Alert

Life Alert and Alert1 do have their differences especially in terms of devices, features, and their fees. Life Alert offers a cell phone with GPS options for coverage away from home. Alert1 does not require any type of long-term agreement or professional installation. When it comes to monitoring centers, Life Alert owns their centers, while Alert1 uses a third-party service.

  • Life Alert offers the convenience of a cell phone instead of a help button for on-the-go coverage
  • Alert1 requires a $59.95 activation fee if you choose to pay on a month-to-month basis
  • Life Alert charges $96 to $200 installation fee
  • There are no contracts or service agreements with Alert1
  • A 3-year contract is required for Life Alert services


Life Alert offers optional fall detection, home intrusion protection, and two-way communication when using the base unit. The cell phone they offer for their away from home coverage can be used in the home as well and is GPS-enabled. Wearable devices are both waterproof and reliable when they remain within the range of the base unit.

Alert1 also offers optional fall detection and two-way communication. Wearable devices are also waterproof and rate high in terms of reliability. There are no limits to the number of times a person can press the call button or the amount of talk time used. The service offers over 190 language options. Also offers a pill-reminder feature.


Life Alert requires customers to sign a 36-month (3-year) contract.

Alert1 does not require a contract but charges a $59.95 activation fee if the customer chooses to pay month-to-month for their services instead of pre-paying for the first year. Alert1 does not charge any type of cancellation fee.


Life Alert charges an installation fee that ranges between $96 and $200. Packages range in price from $49.95 to $89.95 each month. They also charge a replacement fee of $49 if a pendant is lost or stolen.

With Alert1 there are no equipment charges but there is a $500 charge to replace damaged mobile units or bases. There is a $59.95 charge to replace Help buttons. The monthly charge is $19.95. If you choose not to pay for the first year upfront, there is a $59.95 activation fee.


Life Alert equipment options include the base unit, pendant, wristband, and cell phone. Pendants and wristbands are waterproof and the cell phone also has a mobile app that can be used.

Alert1 offers your choice of pendant, wristband, or clip-on waterproof devices. They also offer the base unit and Help buttons. Smoke detectors can also be included for an extra $10 per month.


Life Alert prefers that customers set up an appointment to have their medical alert system installed. Once the devices have been installed, they are easy to relocate.

Alert1 offers easy to follow instructions that allow customers to install their system on their own.

Emergency Connections

Life Alert medical alert system uses cellular service to power their home units as well as their cell phone and mobile app options. Once the call center has received an alert, they will dispatch emergency response teams and begin to notify the numbers on the customer's call list. Text or phone options are available.

Alert1 also uses cellular service for notifications. Although they do not own or maintain their own call centers, the third-party center they use will immediately contact either emergency response units or family members.

Summary: Life Alert vs Alert1

Life Alert is a good choice for customers who want the convenience of a cell phone. The convenience of the phone and the other devices can offset the cost of installation if reliability is the main concern of the subscriber.

Alert1 is a good choice for individuals who want a low monthly fee and no contracts. It's a simple no-frills service that has a proven track record for being reliable and quick to dispatch EMS personnel.

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