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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Yale.

SecureScore™: 9.1/10

Kwikset and Yale are well known throughout the industry for providing quality locks that offer strong protection against break-ins. Both offer several different models of both traditional locks and smart locks that can be used in conjunction with home security systems and home automation platforms. Both offer options for standard keys and keyless entry with the use of a keypad. Each company provides locks that are affordably priced and effective for whatever level of security you're looking for.

Overview: Kwikset vs Yale

Kwikset and Yale offer several models that are affordable and extremely reliable in terms of the level of security they offer. Both have smart locks that can be paired with home automation platforms like Alexa and Nest. In order for each company's locks to be digitally compatible, however, you must use their adapter. With Kwikset Kevo, you are required to purchase a $100 upgrade. Yale requires you to purchase the Yale Zigbee Network Module.

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Home automation
  • Yale pairs well with Xfinity home security
  • Kwikset offers a lifetime warranty
  • Keypads (push-button and touchscreen available)

Similarities: Yale vs Kwikset

While Kwikset and Yale both offer keypad entry options, if you want to use remote features, each company requires that you purchase an additional piece of equipment to allow for the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity. Locks are battery-operated and can be used with many of the home automation systems as long as connectivity is available. The locks from both companies are easy to install and can be functional within minutes.

  • Stores multiple passcodes (up to 30)
  • Most of the locks connect to key fobs
  • Wide selection of keypads
  • Standard key options
  • Smartphone/app with the more advanced options

Differences: Yale vs Kwikset

For all of their similarities, Kwikset and Yale have differences that could be significant in terms of what type of features you are looking for. At least one of Kwikset's locks isn't compatible with a smartphone app. Kwikset offers an automatic locking feature if it is unattended for longer than 30 seconds. Kwikset offers a lifetime warranty as well.

  • Not all Kwikset smart locks work with smartphone apps or a key fob
  • Yale is compatible with more home automation platforms
  • Kwikset requires the purchase of an upgrade to be able to pair with home automation platforms and home security systems
  • Yale smart locks need the Yale Zigbee Network Module to connect via Wi-Fi
  • Kwikset offers an automatic locking feature


Kwikset smart locks offer both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Most have either a touchscreen or push-button keypad. Kwikset locks can store up to 30 passcodes and have an automatic locking feature if the door is not locked after 30 seconds. In order to use the smartphone app with the Kwikset Kevo, you must purchase the upgrade for $99.99. Kwikset also pairs well with many different home security systems and home automation platforms.

Yale also pairs with both home automation and home security systems, including Nest and Xfinity. Yale locks can store as many as 200+ passcodes and will allow you to edit them whenever you choose. The app offered by Yale can be used with both Android and iOS phone systems. With Yale, you have the option of either a touchscreen or a push-button keypad.


No contracts or service agreements are required by either Yale or Kwikset.


Although Kwikset offers many different models of locks and smart locks, their most popular options include the following. The Kwikset 909 costs approximately $90. Both the Kwikset 99140 and the Kwikset Z-Wave models can be purchased on Amazon for about $172 and $159 respectively. You can find the Kwikset Kevo at Best Buy for approximately $140. If you buy the Kevo, you will also need to purchase the upgrade for $99.99.

As a leader in the industry, Yale is known for its wide selection of locks, including its new line of smart locks. The Assure Lock with the touchscreen keypad can be found for $140, while the Real Living Lock costs around $152. You can also find the Nest x Yale smart lock for $249 on the Nest website.


Kwikset offers many different models of smart locks at different price points, depending on where you shop and what deals are in place at the time. (see pricing section)

There are many smart locks available through Yale (see pricing section). You will also need to purchase the Network Module if you want internet connectivity. Some of the smart locks come with a key fob.


The locks from both companies are designed to be installed by the consumer.

Emergency Connections

Neither company is capable of connecting with emergency services or a monitoring center. However, if a smart lock is paired with a home security system or home automation platform, alerts may be sent to the homeowner or the monitoring center if a subscription is in place.

Summary: Kwikset vs Yale

Kwikset is a good choice for homeowners who want a reliable smart lock that will pair with their home security system for an additional layer of protection.

Yale's wide range of smart locks is a great choice for individuals who want to be able to choose the type of lock for the level of security they want.

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