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Between these two security systems, our favorite is IdentityForce.

SecureScore™: 9.0/10

IdentityForce and Zander offer similar services but vary in terms of price and what is included in each package. Both offer coverage options that include protection for minor children living in the home and 24/7 customer support. Alerts are sent whenever any type of fraudulent activity is detected or when major changes are found on your credit reports.

Overview: IdentityForce vs Zander

IdentityForce and Zander are designed to monitor your personal information and track how it is used online. Each company constantly monitors the Dark Web and suspicious websites that are known for fraudulent activity. Each company offers recovery and restoration resources that allow you to rebuild your identity if it is stolen or abused in any way.

  • Offers protection against the loss of your wallet
  • Round the clock customer support
  • Credit monitoring services
  • Protection for minor children who still live in the home
  • Monitors your social security number and other personal information including your address and driver's license

Similarities: Zander vs IdentityForce

IdentityForce and Zander offer $1 million in insurance coverage to help you recover if your identity is ever stolen or used in a fraudulent manner. Both companies monitor your financial information and will send alerts if anything ever appears to be amiss. Their systems are constantly sweeping the internet looking for your sensitive information. They can easily spot your driver's license number, social security number, address, and many other pieces of personal information that can be used to hack into your accounts.

  • Recovery and restoration tools and resources
  • Social security and driver's license monitoring
  • Monitors change of address
  • Protects you if your wallet is lost or stolen
  • Monitors financial and insurance accounts

Differences: Zander vs IdentityForce

The two main differences between IdentityForce and Zander have to do with price and restoration services. IdentityForce offers a 14-day free trial, while Zander offers unlimited restoration services over and above their $1 million insurance policy. In terms of price, IdentityForce costs approximately twice as much as Zander for the basic service and is about one and a half times more expensive for their advanced package.

  • IdentityForce offers a 14-day free trial
  • In addition to the $1 million in insurance coverage, Zander offers unlimited restoration coverage
  • IdentityForce offers pricing discounts
  • Zander offers other types of insurance with their identity theft packages
  • Zander monitors data breach updates in addition to their credit monitoring

Identity Monitoring

IdentityForce keeps a close eye on your personal information and will remove it from databases and suspicious websites on the Dark Web. They can also eliminate unsolicited credit card and pre-approved loan offers. They look for your social security number, driver's license number, and changes of address and notify you when your information is found in places where it doesn't belong.

Zander monitors your social security number, driver's license number, and many other types of personal information. They notify you if an address change is requested or if your name appears in court documents. They also assist with lost wallets and if your information is found on the Dark Web. If your information does appear, it is quickly removed and your information secured.

Financial & Credit Monitoring

IdentityForce provides effective credit monitoring that notifies you of changes to your credit report and financial accounts. Although they don't monitor your financial accounts as diligently as other companies, their services will notify you when large purchases are made or your financial information begins to change in unusual ways.

Zander offers top of the line credit monitoring services that notify you of changes in your credit report and if new lines of credit are opened in your name. They also off protection against the fraudulent use of your medical records. They provide you with copies of your at least one of your credit reports once a year but offer year-round monitoring and notifications.

Identity Restoration & Insurance Coverage

IdentityForce offers $1 million worth of coverage for attorneys and the reimbursement of funds that are lost or stolen due to identity theft. They provide a variety of online resources that are designed to help you recover your identity and restore your accounts. They also offer 24/7 online, customer support to answer any questions you may have.

Zander offers unlimited restoration services and a $1 million insurance policy to cover attorney fees and any other expenses that are incurred because of a data breach or identity theft. They provide round the clock customer support to all of their members.

Pricing & Plans

IdentityForce offers a 14-day free trial. Their basic plan starts at $12.95 a month (normally $17.95 without the discount). The UltraSecure + Credit plan is the best they offer and costs $19.95 a month ($23.95 without the discount). You can also add coverage for children starting at $2.75 per month.

Zander offers an Individual plan for $6.75 a month or $75 per year. Their family plan covers both adults and children and costs $12.00 per month or $145 per year.

Summary: IdentityForce vs Zander

IdentityForce offers effective coverage with a wide variety of features. It's a good choice if you don't mind paying a little extra for the name.

Zander is best for those who want plans that are both affordable and effective. Their unlimited restoration protection makes their plans worth considering.

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