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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Identity Guard®.

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IdentityForce and Identity Guard® offer comparable services in terms of protecting you and your family from identity theft and credit fraud. Each company targets suspicious websites and prevents your personal information from being used in a fraudulent manner. They also closely monitor where your information appears online and sends alerts to you if something is amiss.

Overview: IdentityForce vs Identity Guard®

Both IdentityForce and Identity Guard provide effective protection against the theft and misuse of your personal information. This includes your full name, social security number, email address, physical address, and other personal information. Both companies also offer comprehensive restoration and recovery services.

  • Identity Guard monitors your bank account information
  • Both companies monitor criminal and court records
  • Both companies monitor any change of address requests
  • Both offer assistance for stolen or lost wallets
  • IdentityForce offers a 14-day free trial

Similarities: Identity Guard® vs IdentityForce

Both IdentityForce and Identity Guard offer comprehensive restoration and recovery features. They also monitor the Dark Web and retrieve any personal information that may appear. Both companies offer $1 million in coverage to aid in the recovery of your information and the restoration of your accounts.

  • Extensive credit monitoring
  • Scans the Dark Web for suspicious activity and to uncover misuse of personal information
  • Change of address alerts
  • Provides fraud alerts if your information is found on suspicious websites
  • Assistance with stolen or lost wallets

Differences: Identity Guard® vs IdentityForce

IdentityForce and Identity Guard differ in both price and financial coverage. Identity Guard monitors both financial and credit reports to uncover any type of abuse of your personal information. IdentityForce also offers updates on sex offenders who may live in your area.

  • IdentityForce monitors the sex offender registry
  • Identity Guard monitors bank accounts and loan/lease information
  • IdentityForce sends fraud alerts to credit bureaus
  • Identity Guard protects against the misuse of your medical information
  • Identity Guard provides $2000 immediate cash assistance if your accounts are compromised

Identity Monitoring

IdentityForce monitors all of your personal information and will remove it from suspicious websites found on the Dark Web. It monitors your driver's license, social security number, any change of address requests, and other forms of personal identification.

Identity Guard also monitors where your personal information is found. It scans the internet looking for any type of personal information, including social security number, driver's license, and medical records.

Financial & Credit Monitoring

IdentityForce monitors credit reports and scores on a regular basis and will send alerts to you if anything changes or if new accounts are added. They also protect you from payday loan scams and fraudulent activity that involves your medical history and accounts.

Identity Guard also monitors your financial accounts, loans, and lease agreements. They monitor your credit reports and will provide alerts if your credit reports change. They also monitor your medical information and protect you from various types of medical insurance fraud.

Identity Restoration & Insurance Coverage

IdentityForce offers $1 million of protection in terms of restoration and recovery assistance. They offer a comprehensive list of services designed to help you recover your information and restore your accounts. They also offer 24-hour customer assistance.

Identity Guard provides $1 million worth of insurance that can be used to pay attorneys or reimburse you for lost funds. They provide round the clock customer assistance in case of an emergency. Resolution services are also offered with their service guarantee.

Pricing & Plans

IdentityForce offers a basic package for $12.95 a month (regularly priced at $17.95 per month). Their UltimateSecure + Credit package starts at $19.95 per month (regularly priced at $23.95 per month). They also offer coverage for children living in the home starting at $2.75 per month.

Identity Guard offers individual plans that cost $8.99, $19.99, and $24.99 per month. Family plans are available starting at $34.99 per month.

Summary: IdentityForce vs Identity Guard®

IdentityForce is more expensive than other plans but offers effective coverage backed by a well-known brand name. It's a good choice if you want quality and are willing to pay for it.

Identity Guard is an affordable option for individuals and families who want comprehensive coverage. They are well-known and have a proven track record.

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