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Between these two security systems, our favorite is IdentityForce.

SecureScore™: 9.0/10

IdentityForce and ID Watchdog are both effective at protecting your identity and securing your financial information on the internet. Each company offers a wide variety of services and resources that can be used to recover your identity if your information is stolen or a breach occurs.

Overview: IdentityForce vs ID Watchdog

IdentityForce and ID Watchdog both offer notifications and alerts when your information is found on suspicious websites. Insurance coverage is offered to protect you from financial loss. Both companies also offer internet surveillance that identifies fraudulent activities on the Dark Web.

  • ID Watchdog offers identity restoration services even if you aren't a member
  • Both offer protection if your wallet is lost or stolen
  • IdentityForce offers sex offender monitoring
  • ID Watchdog offers regular credit reports and scores
  • Monitors payday loans and medical records

Similarities: ID Watchdog vs IdentityForce

Both companies offer restoration and recovery services that allow subscribers to regain their identity and restore their credit with minimal to no long-term damage. Each company scans the Dark Web and tracks your banking information and will alert you if any large purchases are made or breaches occur that affect your financial accounts.

  • Identifies suspicious websites on the Dark Web
  • Protects your personal information, including social security number and financial accounts
  • Offers fraud protection if new accounts are opened in your name
  • Sends alerts and notifications when your accounts are breached or compromised in any way
  • Monitors your credit on a regular basis

Differences: ID Watchdog vs IdentityForce

The main differences between IdentityForce and ID Watchdog have to do with their pricing, especially if IdentityForce isn't offering a discount. ID Watchdog doesn't offer much in the way of a family plan either. Although both offer financial and credit monitoring, IdentityForce has a much more in-depth program.

  • IdentityForce covers children for a monthly fee per child
  • ID Watchdog offers a 100% restoration guarantee
  • IdentityForce offers a 14-day free trial
  • ID Watchdog offers scores from all three credit bureaus on a regular basis
  • IdentityForce will sometimes offer discounts that dramatically reduce the cost of their plans

Identity Monitoring

IdentityForce protects your identity by closely monitoring the internet and tracking your financial information. It also monitors changes in your physical address and prevents your information from being used to sent junk mail or pre-approved credit offers.

ID Watchdog also monitors the Dark Web and removes your information from websites that are known for fraudulent or suspicious activity. They pay close attention to any address changes and the misuse of your personal information, preventing it from being sold to marketing agencies.

Financial & Credit Monitoring

IdentityForce monitors your bank accounts, as well as any investments and insurance accounts. It also closely monitors your credit scores from the three bureaus, notifying you if any large purchases are made or new accounts are opened in your name.

ID Watchdog monitors credit reports from all three credit bureaus and provides you with up to date scores on a regular basis. They also monitor your financial information and can notify you of any significant changes. They also monitor payday and other types of loans.

Identity Restoration & Insurance Coverage

IdentityForce offers $1 million in insurance coverage to help protect you from financial loss. The money can be used for attorneys as we as for the reimbursement of lost funds. They provide a service guarantee with their most advanced plan.

ID Watchdog offers a comprehensive list of resources that will help you restore your identity as well as recovery lost or stolen funds. They include a 100% restoration guarantee that ensures your identity will be fully restored without any long-term effects.

Pricing & Plans

IdentityForce allows subscribers to try their service for 14 days without any fees. They have two main packages starting with the most basic, which costs $17.95 a month regularly but is sometimes offered for $12.95 a month. The advanced plan normally costs $23.95 a month but with discounts can be as low as $19.95 a month. Children can be covered for as little as $2.75 per month, per child.

ID Watchdog offers two primary plans. The basic plan costs $14.95 per month, while the more advanced plan costs $19.95 per month. Money can be saved if you pay for the entire year at once.

Summary: IdentityForce vs ID Watchdog

IdentityForce offers excellent protection, but at a higher price if no discounts are offered. It's a good choice if you are willing to pay a little more for the services they offer.

ID Watchdog is an affordable option considering it offers a 100% restoration guarantee. If you want the best guarantee for the price, this one is the best choice.

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