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Zander and Identity Guard are companies that offer a wide range of services to help consumers protect their identity. Each one has features that are able to identify your personal and confidential information from suspicious websites. Identity Guard provides subscribers with risk management reports that are designed to help you determine where your identity may be at risk and what steps you can take to protect both your information as well as your financial accounts.

Overview: Zander vs Identity Guard

As companies that specialize in identity theft protection, both Zander and Identity Guard are capable of scanning the dark web, identifying potential threats, and helping you recover and restore your accounts if and when they are compromised. Both offer access to your credit scores as well as your credit reports and provide you with alerts if your information is found on sites where it doesn't belong.

  • Identity Guard provides Risk Management Reports
  • Zander does not monitor social monitoring
  • Identity Guard offers a shielded mobile app
  • Zander's family plan offers coverage for an unlimited number of children
  • Identity Guard includes a social media image calculator

Similarities: Identity Guard vs Zander

Zander and Identity Guard provide different levels of protection when it comes to credit monitoring. They are similar, however, when it comes to the amount of insurance they offer if your identity is ever lost or stolen. Both offer multiple plans that allow the subscriber to choose the level of protection they desire.

  • Both offer $1 million in insurance protection
  • Both companies monitor your social security number
  • Each company offers credit restoration services
  • Both companies have a solid reputation when it comes to identity theft protection
  • Stolen wallet protection is also offered.

Differences: Identity Guard vs Zander

Zander does not monitor many of the most common factors when it comes to identity and credit theft. To the other extreme, Identity Guard offers an extensive list of features that are used to create a program that protects you on a variety of levels starting with your personal information. Identity Guard also gives you full access to your credit reports and scores.

  • Zander does not offer credit reports or scores from any of the credit bureaus
  • Identity Guard offers social monitoring
  • Zander does not offer an app to its subscribers
  • Identity Guard's Risk Management Reports helping you monitor your strengths and weaknesses
  • Zander monitors medical records

Identity Monitoring

Zander monitors all of your personal information, including your address, social security number, birthday, and medical records. Dark web scans are used to find your personal information and remove it from unsafe websites.

Identity Guard is second to none in terms of monitoring your identity. They use dark web scans to locate your personal information and eliminate them from any place where it doesn't need to be. This includes your name, date of birth, social security number, address, and social security number.

Financial & Credit Monitoring

Zander does not offer monitoring for your financial accounts or your credit. No credit reports or scores are offered.

Identity Guard monitors all aspects of your financial accounts. It also monitors your credit and when you subscribe to their more expensive packages, you will have access to all three of your credit scores and reports on a monthly basis.

Identity Restoration & Insurance Coverage

Zander offers each subscriber $1 million in insurance to cover attorney's fees and recovery costs. They also have recovery specialists who will work with you to restore both your identity and your funds.

Identity Guard also offers a $1 million policy that can be used to pay for attorneys or other professionals who may need to be hired to restore your identity. They offer subscribers access to a team of professionals who are able to guide you through the process.

Pricing & Plans

Zander provides subscribers with two options when it comes to packages. The individual plan costs less than $7 a month or you can pay by the year for $75. The Family plan costs less than $13 a month or around $145 a year. The family plan allows for an unlimited number of children to be covered.

Identity Guard offers three plans. The Value plan is $7.20 a month/$80 a year for individual subscribers. For families, the Value plan costs $11.99 a month/$119.99 annually. The Total plan starts at $15.99 a month/$159.99 annually for individual subscribers. The Total plan for families costs $23.99 a month/$239.99 annually. With the Premier plan individuals play $19.99 a month/$199.99 annually. Families will pay $27.99 a month/$279.99 annually for families.

Summary: Zander vs Identity Guard

Zander is a good choice if you want to protect your personal information and also have ample insurance coverage for restoring and repairing your financial accounts and credit history.

Identity Guard is the better choice if you want protection on all levels, including your financial accounts as well as your credit report.

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