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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Identity Guard®.

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Identity Guard® vs ProtectMyID are similar in price and both offer a wide variety of features and services that work to protect your identity and prevent you from becoming a victim of fraud. Each company offers restoration and recovery features that allow you to get back on track financially.

Overview: Identity Guard® vs ProtectMyID

Identity Guard and ProtectMyID use several different methods and resources to both protect your identity and credit as well as restore and recover your information if it is ever used in a fraudulent manner. Both continually scan the Dark web for fictitious or fraudulent websites to find out if your information has found its way into the wrong hands.

  • Identity Guard offers $2000 in emergency funds if your wallet is lost or stolen
  • Basic ProtectMyID plan is free with AAA membership
  • Both companies offer affordable monthly plans
  • Both protect your address and other sensitive, personal information
  • Sends alerts and notifications when changes are reported to credit bureaus

Similarities: ProtectMyID vs Identity Guard®

Identity Guard and ProtectMyID offer many of the same features including credit monitoring and access to credit reports and scores. They also continually scan the internet looking for your information on suspicious websites or on mailing lists. They also monitor your banking and personal information to make sure it isn't leaked in any way and that your accounts are not compromised.

  • Comprehensive restoration services
  • $1 million dollars in recovery resources
  • Monitors physical address and personal information
  • Provides information from at least one credit report
  • Offers multiple packages

Differences: ProtectMyID vs Identity Guard®

Identity Guard and ProtectMyID differ in a couple primary ways. First, Identity Guard will provide you with up to $2000 emergency money if anything happens to your wallet. Second, ProtectMyID can be purchased for free if you choose the basic package and are a member of AAA. Otherwise, you will pay $9 a month for their premier coverage.

  • ProtectMyID is part of the Experian credit bureau
  • Identity Guard provides $2000 worth of emergency funds for lost wallets
  • Identity Guard offers a Risk Management Report
  • ProtectMyID only offers two plans
  • ProtectMyID is also affiliated with AAA

Identity Monitoring

Identity Guard offers both individual and family identity theft plans. All of their plans revolve around protecting your identity and offer different layers of security such as monitoring the Dark web for your personal information and removing your names from junk mail lists.

ProtectMyID is backed by both Experian Credit Bureau and AAA so they are capable of providing a very in-depth level of identity protection starting with deep scans of the internet. They also look for your private information on suspicious websites. They are constantly looking for fraudulent or suspicious sites that may have your information and work to remove and secure it.

Financial & Credit Monitoring

Identity Guard protects as much of your financial and credit information as possible. They offer at least one credit report per year as well as access to your credit scores. They monitor your bank accounts and credit cards and notify you immediately if large purchases are made or if there are any changes to your credit report.

ProtectMyID is backed by Experian so their credit monitoring feature is top of the line and also allows you regular access to your credit report and score. In addition to all of your personal information, they also monitor your bank accounts and credit cards, as well as any loans or notes you may have.

Identity Restoration & Insurance Coverage

Identity Guard provides up to $1 million to pay for attorneys and get the restoration and recovery processes started. They also offer up to $2000 emergency funds if you lose your wallet and have no other access to cash. They offer several different online resources that can be used to recover your identity and restore your financial stability.

ProtectMyID works on a global scale to recover your identity and help to restore your financial accounts. They offer $1 million in funds that can be used to pay attorneys or reimburse you for lost funds. They offer a rapid resolution of all types of identity theft and credit fraud cases.

Pricing & Plans

Identity Guard has four packages. The three individual packages range in price from $9 to $25 per month. The family plan that is offered covers the adults as well as all of the children who live within the home for $35 per month.

ProtectMyID starts at $8.95 per month for their premier package. If you want to get the basic package for free, you need to become a member of AAA. There are restrictions with the free package, however, so it's important to find out how they may apply to you.

Summary: Identity Guard® vs ProtectMyID

Identity Guard is a beneficial plan for families with several children. They offer effective protection for an affordable cost.

ProtectMyID is also a good choice simply because they are affiliated with one of the credit bureaus which makes resolution somewhat more simple. They also include their basic membership within your AAA membership.

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