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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Identity Guard®.

SecureScore™: 9.3/10

PrivacyGuard and Identity Guard offer subscribers advanced resources in terms of identity theft protection, credit monitoring, and restoration/recovery services if your identity is ever compromised. Both companies offer insurance policies to cover your financial losses if your identity is ever stolen. Each company also offers a team of professionals who can help you recover your identity and correct some of the damage that results from this type of experience.

Overview: PrivacyGuard vs Identity Guard

PrivacyGuard and Identity Guard have the ability to scan suspicious websites on the Dark Web as well as identify your personal information on various websites and court records. By looking for things like your social security number, address changes, birth date, and other confidential information, they can prevent your identity from being stolen and make sure your financial accounts remain secure.

  • PrivacyGuard does not monitor social media
  • Identity Guard provides members with a Risk Management Report
  • Both companies track public records and court filings
  • Daily credit monitoring is offered by both
  • Each company has a mobile app for extra convenience

Similarities: Identity Guard vs PrivacyGuard

Both PrivacyGuard and Identity Guard offer credit monitoring and Dark Web scanning. Each company offers $1 million worth of insurance coverage and will provide you with valuable resources if your identity is ever stolen. Both companies offer access to your credit reports and scores, allowing you to check on your accounts and receive notifications if your credit score would happen to change unexpectedly.

  • $1 million in insurance to cover the cost of attorneys and your financial losses
  • Credit monitoring from all three bureaus
  • Fraud alerts and notifications when alerts are triggered through your accounts
  • Removes your confidential information from suspicious websites
  • Provides you with a team of professionals to help with the recovery process

Differences: Identity Guard vs PrivacyGuard

While both PrivacyGuard and Identity Guard are fairly comprehensive in the features they offer, it's the little things that make the difference. While PrivacyGuard offers protection if your wallet is lost or stolen, Identity Guard protects your credit cards and bank accounts if people are trying to phish for your information. Identity Guard's Risk Management Report is also a plus that isn't offered by other companies.

  • PrivacyGuard does not monitor social media or other online accounts
  • Identity Guard eliminates your junk mail and keeps your information off of sell lists
  • PrivacyGuard includes lost wallet protection
  • Identity Guard eliminates pre-approved credit offers and other unsolicited offers
  • PrivacyGuard does not offer any type of family package or plan

Identity Monitoring

PrivacyGuard offers several features designed to make protecting your identity a snap. This includes credit monitoring on a day to day basis, tracks your public records, alerts, and notifications through email, texts or phone calls, and a mobile app so you can check your accounts from almost anywhere.

Identity Guard uses an artificial intelligence program named Watson. The program was designed by IBM and is capable of monitoring your most personal information. Dark web scans are continuous and if any of your personal information shows up where it doesn't need to be, the software can remove it.

Financial & Credit Monitoring

PrivacyGuard monitors both your bank accounts as well as your credit card accounts. Reports from all three credit bureaus are also closely watched and you are immediately notified of any changes that may appear. You are notified if there is any type of unusual activity. You will also be able to access your credit scores through the mobile app.

Identity Guard monitors your bank accounts and credit cards you may have. You also have access to your credit reports and your credit scores. You will receive notifications if someone tries to open any type of account in your name or if one is closed out.

Identity Restoration & Insurance Coverage

Both companies offer a $1 million insurance policy that can be used to cover the expense of hiring an attorney if your identity is stolen. They also provide you with several resources you can use and a team of recovery specialists.

Pricing & Plans

PrivacyGuard offers a two-week free trial for $1. After the trial period, the cost of the subscription kicks in for $19.99 a month.

Identity Guard offers the choice of three plans. The Value is the cheapest and starts out at $7.20 monthly/$80 annually/individuals or $11.99 monthly/$119.99 annually/families. The Total is their mid-priced plan. It starts at $15.99 monthly/$159.99 annually/individuals or $23.99 monthly/$239.99 annually/families. The highest price plan is the Premier. This plan costs $19.99 monthly/$199.99 annually/individual or $27.99 monthly/$279.99 annually/families.

Summary: PrivacyGuard vs Identity Guard

PrivacyGuard is a good choice for those who want one price point without the hassle of figuring out whether to pay by the year or the month.

Identity Guard provides multiple package options so that you can pick and choose the plan you want. It's a good choice if you are looking to tailor a plan that fits your needs.