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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Identity Guard®.

SecureScore™: 9.3/10

Identity Guard and myFICO offer both individuals and families a way to protect their identities as well as keep a close eye on their credit. While each one is effective in its own right, Identity Guard leans more toward safeguarding your identity. MyFICO is designed to monitor and secure your credit. Both offer many of the more basic features but as you get into the more in-depth services, their priorities of each one begin to change.

Overview: Identity Guard vs myFICO

Identity Guard covers everything that has to do with your image and how you are perceived. This includes monitoring your social media profiles, as well as scanning the dark web to find where your information shows up. MyFICO maintains access to all three of the main credit reporting bureaus watching for any type of discrepancy. They look for new lines of credit, changes in address, and other tell-tale signs that your financial standing is being adversely affected.

  • Identity Guard uses IBM's Watson to monitor the internet
  • myFICO only monitors social security numbers in its upper two plans
  • Identity Guard offers a social insight report
  • myFICO offers three plans to choose from
  • Identity Guard offers both individual and family plans

Similarities: myFICO vs Identity Guard

Both Identity Guard and myFICO offer credit monitoring for all three of the credit reporting bureaus with their most expensive plans. They only offer monitoring for one bureau with their least expensive plans. When it comes to identity theft protection, both offer dark web scans with their most expensive plans and offer up to $1 million in insurance coverage for those who sign up for that package.

  • Continual credit monitoring
  • Credit reports from one or all three credit bureaus depending on the package
  • Multiple package options
  • Simulators to help you find what is affecting your credit score
  • Fraud resolution resources

Differences: myFICO vs Identity Guard

One of the biggest differences between Identity Guard and myFICO is what is offered in the lowest price tier packages of each company. Identity Guard has teamed up with IBM to use its Watson Artificial Intelligence program to continuously monitor the dark web for your private information. While most of myFICO's offerings are on the credit side, Identity Guard focuses on social media and possible cyber-bullying attacks to find areas where your private information is being targeted.

  • Identity Guard offers protection against cyber-bullying for family plans
  • myFICO does not monitor your social security number with their cheapest plan
  • Identity Guard uses artificial intelligence programs from IBM to monitor the dark web
  • myFICO offers monthly or quarterly credit report updates
  • Identity Guard offers both individual and family plans

Identity Monitoring

With Identity Guard, your information is constantly being monitored. IBM's Watson program is used to closely monitor not only your name but your social security number. Your address and other private information are also searched for on various websites and mailing lists. Your social media accounts are also inspected regularly.

MyFICO only monitors your social security number and other private information with their higher-priced packages, but does scan the dark web and search suspicious websites. They also offer fraud protection to keep your information from being used in an illegal manner.

Financial & Credit Monitoring

Identity Guard monitors your financial accounts and searches for your information on credit applications and other financial documents. They will notify you if new lines of credit are opened in your name. They also look for changes in your financial accounts and credit reports.

MyFICO also closely watches all of your financial holdings as well as all three of your credit reports. They will notify you if any changes appear that affect your credit score. You can receive one credit report a month, or all three credit reports on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the package you choose.

Identity Restoration & Insurance Coverage

Identity Guard offers $1 in insurance coverage to reimburse you for lost funds, lost wages, and the fees associated with recovering your identity. While they do offer some customer resources, the programs they offer are rather limited in terms of providing assistance.

MyFICO offers $1 million in insurance coverage that can be used to reimburse you for lost money or to pay recovery specialists to help you reclaim your identity. They also offer 24/7 full-service customer assistance to help you restore your identity and get your money back.

Pricing & Plans

Identity Guard offers three individual plans and three family plans. Individual plans include the Value plan for $8.99 a month, the Total plan for $19.99 a month, and the Premier plan for $24.99 a month. The family plan prices include the Value for $14.99 a month, the Total plan for $29.99 a month, and the Premier plan for $34.99 a month.

MyFICO offers three plans. 1-Bureau Monitoring with a monthly credit report costs $19.95 a month. 3-Bureau Monitoring with quarterly reports costs $29.95. The most expensive plan offers 3-Bureau Monitoring with monthly reports for $39.95.

Summary: Identity Guard vs myFICO

Identity Guard is a good plan if you want to protect your family and have access to cyber-bullying protection on top of the credit monitoring and identity theft protection.

MyFICO is the better choice if you want the option of monthly credit reports and are willing to pay a little extra.