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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Identity Guard®.

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Identity Guard® and IDShield are designed to protect your identity from both theft and fraud. Both monitor your personal information and credit reports in an attempt to uncover any type of fraudulent activity. They will also remove your personal information if it is found on suspicious websites.

Overview: Identity Guard® vs IDShield

Both Identity Guard and IDShield used technologically advanced methods to track your personal information on the Dark Web. Both companies offer mobile apps for both iOS and Android operating systems that allow you to know exactly what is going on with your credit and identity at all times. Each company has a positive reputation for providing effective identity theft protection as well as recovery and restoration solutions.

  • Identity Guard offers monthly credit scores and reports from one bureau
  • Both offer easy to use mobile apps
  • IDShield offers social media monitoring
  • IDShield's Family Plan covers two adults and up to eight minor children for one price
  • Both companies monitor social security numbers and change of address

Similarities: IDShield vs Identity Guard®

Identity Guard and IDShield focus on protecting your identity through various methods. Both use scanning software that is designed to monitor massive amounts of data to determine if your personal information is being misused in any way. Both companies notify subscribers any time their information is detected on suspicious websites or in court records.

  • Protection if your wallet is lost or stolen
  • Comprehensive restoration and recovery services
  • Monitors the Dark Web and suspicious websites that are known for fraudulent activity
  • Monitors changes of address and social security numbers
  • Offers regular credit reports and scores from at least one bureau

Differences: IDShield vs Identity Guard®

The main difference between Identity Guard and IDShield is in how your information is monitored. Identity Guard focuses primarily on your credit reports and tax returns and the information they contain. IDShield monitors bank accounts and credit reports to find discrepancies and other types of fraudulent activity that can indicate your identity has been stolen or misused.

  • IDShield offers a $5 million service guarantee
  • Identity Guard offers $2000 in emergency cash if your wallet is lost or stolen
  • IDShield does not reimburse you for lost funds
  • Identity Guard doesn't notify credit bureaus of fraud alerts
  • Identity Guard offers $1 million in insurance to help you recover your identity

Identity Monitoring

Identity Guard closely monitors your personal information such as your social security number, changes in address, and driver's license. It scans the internet and websites that are known for illegal or fraudulent activity and removes your information if it is found.

IDShield uses state of the art software to keep track of how your personal information is being used online. If your social security number, medical records, or any other personal information is found, it is quickly removed and you are sent a notification.

Financial & Credit Monitoring

Identity Guard closely monitors your credit reports and any changes in your financial accounts. By monitoring all three credit bureaus they can determine if any large purchases have been made or if any new accounts have been opened in your name.

IDShield monitors financial accounts, medical records, and reports from all three credit bureaus. This gives them an accurate picture of where and how your information is being used or misused. They are constantly on the lookout for larger than normal purchases or if a change of address is requested.

Identity Restoration & Insurance Coverage

Identity Guard offers $1 million in insurance that can be used to pay for attorneys if your identity is stolen or misused. Identity Guard also provides you with $2000 for emergencies if your wallet is lost or stolen. A comprehensive list of restoration and recovery services are offered.

IDShield provides their customers with $5 million to help pay for the recovery and restoration of your identity. They do not, however, reimburse you for lost funds. IDShield provides you with several restoration and recovery services to help you reclaim your identity.

Pricing & Plans

Identity Guard offers three individual plans starting at $8.99 per month, $19.99 per month, and $24.99 per month. They also offer a Family Plan that covers both adults and minor children living in the home. The Family Plan starts at $34.99 a month.

IDShield has two basic plans. The first plan is for individuals and starts at $9.95 a month. The second plan is for the family and covers 2 adults and up to 8 minor children. This plan starts at $19.95 a month.

Summary: Identity Guard® vs IDShield

Identity Guard costs a little more but is a good choice for individuals who want effective identity theft protection.

IDShield is more affordable for people who want to cover their entire family without a lot of additional charges. It's ideal coverage for an affordable price.

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