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Frontpoint and Xfinity both offer state of the art technology and home automation along with 24/7 monitoring. They are comparable in many ways but have several differences that make them unique. Xfinity requires professional installation, while Frontpoint offers more of a hands-on, do-it-yourself home security system.

Overview: Xfinity vs Frontpoint

While comparable in terms of technology and the number of features offered, the biggest differences come in terms of affordability, do-it-yourself options, and video monitoring. Overall, both companies rate fairly the same with the Better Business Burea. Frontpoint has an A+ rating, while Xfinity carries an A rating.

  1. Frontpoint requires a 600 or higher credit score to qualify for the best prices
  2. Both companies require lengthy contracts
  3. Xfinity requires professional installation, while Frontpoint is completely DIY
  4. Both companies offer home automation
  5. Each company offers remote control connectivity with the right package

Similarities: Frontpoint vs Xfinity

Each company is comparable in both service and the quality of the equipment. They also offer similar packages and 24/7 monitoring that can be implemented through the use of third-party monitoring services. Xfinity has several different partners that are willing to service their equipment, while Frontpoint customers can choose the monitoring service they prefer across the board.

  • Both companies offer a 30-day money back guarantee
  • Home automation
  • Remote control operation via an app for smartphones and tablets (both iOS and Android systems)
  • Both offer emergency connectivity
  • Long-term contracts are required
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Differences: Frontpoint vs Xfinity

While many of the features are the same, there are differences when it comes to the equipment, contracts, and the ways each system offers emergency connectivity. There are also differences when it comes to installation.

  • Xfinitiy offers landline connectivity
  • Frontpoint requires a credit check if you want to receive the lowest prices
  • Frontpoint offers DIY installation
  • Xfinity requires a 2-year contract, while Frontpoint offers 1- and 3-year contract options
  • Xfinity offers discounts from Comcast if you are already subscribed to their media services


Frontpoint offers still image capture on both indoor and outdoor cameras. Their packages include Crash and Smash sensors, as well as environmental hazard detectors. Each package comes with a touchscreen control panel and a remote control app that allows your smartphone or tablet to connect with the system.

Xfinity's features include 24/7 professional monitoring, real-time text notifications in case of an emergency, and a remote app that allows you to arm and disarm your Xfinity system from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Additional devices can be added to your system at any time.


Frontpoint offers a 1-year and a 3-year contract. In order to get the best possible prices, the 3-year contract and credit check is required. You must also have a score of 600 or higher to qualify for the lower rates. You also get a 30-day, free trial with no risks or surprises.

Xfinity requires a 2-year contract and offers a variety of discounts if you already subscribe to their Xfinity/Comcast media services. It also offers a 30-day money back guarantee.


With Frontpoint, basic packages can be established for $99.95, while the most expensive package starts at $279. Monthly monitoring is $35 a month with either the 1- or 3-year contract. The highest price package requires a monthly monitoring fee of $50 a month.

The Xfinity home security system requires a 2-year contract for to qualify for the 24/7 monitoring. Fees vary from location to location, but in most cases, they range from $25 to $30 for the first full year of service and $35 to $40 for the next year. The installation fee is approximately $100. It costs $10 per month per camera for video monitoring and storage.


Frontpoint offers choices when it comes to the control panel. Both touchscreen and push-button panels are offered. A keychain remote, panic pendant, door/window sensors, environmental hazard detectors, and motion sensors are offered in most of the packages. Keypad locks, remote thermostats, and indoor/outdoor cameras are also optional equipment.

With Xfinity, most packages include 3 door/window sensors, touch screen controller, wireless keypad, and a motion sensor. Indoor/outdoor cameras, a Zen thermostat, smoke detectors, and additional sensors can also be added. You can mix or match additional equipment to customize your system.


Frontpoint is a do-it-yourself system that comes with easy to follow instructions. It takes less than an hour to install and set up the system. There is no need for tools or other equipment.

Xfinity offers professional installation and servicing of all its equipment. An appointment with a 6-hour window will be scheduled, giving the technician the time to arrive and get the entire system put in place. They will also set up the monitoring service.

Emergency Connections

Frontpoint only offers cellular connectivity but provides text, email, and phone notifications to numbers on the contact list if an emergency occurs. The proper authorities are also notified.

Xfinity offers the option of a landline connection. Cellular service is also available as a backup in case of a power outage. Text notifications will be sent to the contacts as well as the proper authorities in case of an emergency.

Summary: Xfinity vs Frontpoint

Frontpoint is one of the better do-it-yourself home security systems simply because of the number of features and devices that can be included in each package. If you are looking for a comprehensive, do-it-yourself system that's affordable, Frontpoint has what you're looking for.

Xfinity is ideal for the homeowner who wants to use one company for all of their electronic needs. The home security system integrates easily with their home entertainment and phone packages. The system requires professional installation and is a little pricier than most, but it offers a level of convenience that many people prefer.

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