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Frontpoint and Scout offer high-quality devices and effective home security. Both have their advantages and will work well for individuals who are interested in what they have to offer. Scout relies less on professional service but still gets the job done. While Frontpoint requires a long-term contract, both allow you to do the installation on your own.

Overview: Frontpoint vs Scout

Frontpoint and Scout have similar features and both companies use devices that have been proven to be effective. Scout offers fewer devices than Frontpoint but doesn't restrict you with a long-term contract or a service agreement. Both companies offer state of the art 24/7 professional monitoring services and have affordable plans that will meet your home security needs.

  • Frontpoint requires a credit check for financing
  • Scout offers a 60-day return policy
  • Both companies offer do-it-yourself installation
  • Frontpoint is well-known for its customer service
  • Scout is compatible with most smart home devices

Similarities: Scout vs Frontpoint

Frontpoint and Scout offer 100% wireless systems that run off of a cellular-based platform. They both offer some degree of home automation and environmental hazard protection. Each system is designed to be easy to use and even easier to install. Both systems also offer remote access through either an app on your smartphone or a keychain remote.

  • Wireless equipment
  • Cellular-based service
  • Affordable pricing
  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Mobile apps

Differences: Scout vs Frontpoint

The biggest differences between Frontpoint and Scout have to do with their cost and the fact that Frontpoint requires a long-term contract. In order to get the best price for your Frontpoint system, you must have a credit score of 600 or higher and meet their eligibility requirements.

  • Frontpoint offers both a 1-year and 3-year contract option
  • Scout uses C.O.P.S. professional monitoring
  • Frontpoint offers optional indoor/outdoor video cameras
  • Scout offers a 60-day return policy
  • Frontpoint offers a wider selection of devices


Frontpoint's features include still image capture and indoor/outdoor video surveillance. They offer energy-saving home automation and environmental hazard detection in addition to their crash and smash protection. Their system can be operated remotely giving you an opportunity to remain in full control whether you are at home or away.

Scout offers two key fobs for remote access, motion sensors, entry sensors, a door panel, and a hub. Their equipment is compatible with both smart home devices and environmental sensors that allow you to increase your level of protection and create at least a partially automated home.


Frontpoint requires either a 1-year or 3-year contract. To get the best possible price, you will have to sign up for three years and pass a credit check. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you aren't fully satisfied.

Scout does not require any type of contract and offers customers a 60-day return guarantee.


Each of Frontpoint's three packages requires an upfront payment of $200. The basic package starts at $35 per month, while the premium package is $45 per month. The ultimate package costs $50 a month. Additional devices can be added for a price. If you meet their eligibility requirements for financing and have a credit score of 600 or higher, you will be able to get the equipment for a reduced price.

Scout offers two main packages. The self-monitoring plan starts at $10 per month, while their professional monitoring package starts at $20 per month. If you sign an annual agreement, you get one month for free. You can purchase additional pieces of equipment as long as you have the monitoring program already in place.


Frontpoint offers customers a choice of control panels, entry sensors, indoor/outdoor video cameras, motion sensors, a panic button/pendant, and a keychain remote. Cameras are able to capture both still images and video. Frontpoint offers equipment manufactured by GE.

With Scout, you get the mobile app, hubs, door panel sensors, access sensors, motion detectors, and RFID stickers. You also get signage for your yard. Devices from other brands can also be integrated within the system for home automation and environmental hazard protection.


Both companies offer systems that are easily installed by the homeowner. They are also effective for renters as well.

Emergency Connections

Frontpoint offers 24/7 professional monitoring that uses a cellular network. If an alarm is triggered, you will be notified immediately as will those on your contact list. Local authorities will also be dispatched.

Scout offers both self-monitoring (which means it is up to you to call 9-1-1) and professional monitoring. The system uses a cellular-based network and well send notifications to you and your contacts in the event that an alert is triggered. If professional monitoring is in place, the authorities will be notified.

Summary: Frontpoint vs Scout

Frontpoint is a good choice if you want a variety of devices and don't mind the confines of a lengthy contract. It is even more affordable if you meet the credit requirements.

Scout is an excellent choice if you want an effective, no-frills home security system that doesn't come with a high price tag.

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