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Frontpoint and Protect America both offer a comprehensive list of features for home and business owners who wan top of the line home security. Both offer DIY installation with easy to understand manuals for each device. Both companies also offer remote access to the system.

Overview: Protect America vs Frontpoint

Frontpoint and Protect America are both well-known home security companies. Each requires a long-term contract with affordable package prices. Home automation and remote access are popular features that both companies offer as part of their monitoring and packaging plans.

  1. Frontpoint offers two contract options, a 1-year and a 3-year option
  2. Protect America only offers indoor camera/video surveillance
  3. Protect America retains ownership of their equipment and replaces each device as needed
  4. Frontpoint offers a 30-day money back guarantee
  5. Protect America includes a 14-day trial period

Similarities: Frontpoint vs Protect America

Frontpoint and Protect America have many similarities, including a long-term commitment. Both systems are affordable and offer multiple packages to choose from. They each offer many of the same features making it possible to make an accurate price comparison with each package.

  • Offers home automation
  • Environmental hazard detectors
  • Do it yourself installation
  • Wireless equipment
  • 24/7 monitoring

Differences: Frontpoint vs Protect America

Frontpoint and Protect America have distinct differences that set them apart from one another on almost every level. Many of the differences are minor but can be game changers for individuals who expect more for their money.

  • Protect America only offers indoor camera/video surveillance
  • Protect America leases their equipment, customers don't have an option to buy
  • Frontpoint offers two contracts, either a 1-year contract or a 3-year contract
  • Frontpoint requires a credit score of at least 600 to qualify for the lowest prices
  • Frontpoint has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau


Protect America offers a variety of features including home automation, text notifications, the Simon XTi control panel and an every day, low price guarantee. It also offers SMART Connect Mobile which allows your smartphone to interact with your home security system at any time, no matter where you are.

Frontpoint's features include both indoor and outdoor camera and video surveillance. The cameras are also able to take still images. Frontpoint systems run off of a touch-screen control panel that is easy to read and use. The system offers remote service with a mobile app that can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet.


Protect America requires a 3-year contract. If you plan on canceling your service at the end of your contract, you're required to give written, 60-day notice. If you provide sufficient notice of your intentions, the company will allow you to maintain month-to-month monitoring.

Frontpoint offers two contracts. The first is for one year and the second is for three years. The most affordable of the two requires a 3-year contract. Frontpoint also requires that applicants have a credit score of 600 or higher to qualify for the most affordably priced packages.


Protect America offers a lowest price guarantee that most companies don't. It costs $99 to establish service, plus an additional lease fee. Five 24/7 monitoring packages are offered with the lowest price being $19.99 a month and including 3 sensors. The highest price package costs $42.99 a month and includes 14 entry sensors. Other fees may be included.

Frontpoint offers three plans, the first with a startup fee of $99 and monthly monitoring fees of $35. The Interactive plan costs $45 a month as well as the $99 startup fee. The Ultimate plan costs $279 upfront in addition to the $50 per month monitoring fees.


Protect America customers can choose from either a pushbutton control panel or a touchscreen control panel. They also have the choice of door/window sensors, motion detectors, glass break sensors, and a variety of environmental hazard sensors. Protect America only offers indoor camera surveillance. They also have Z-wave appliance modules for home automation.

Frontpoint also offers the choice between a touchscreen or pushbutton control panel. They offer indoor/outdoor video cameras, home automation devices, door/window sensors, glass break sensors, environmental sensors, motion detectors, and a keychain remote.


Both companies offer do-it-yourself installation with complete easy to follow instructions. Customer service reps are available to assist if needed.

Emergency Connections

Protect America offers Wi-Fi, cellular, and landline connectivity for emergency situations. As long as cell service is enabled, push notifications will be sent to individuals on the contact list.

Frontpoint only offers emergency connectivity through a cellular service. This also allows for push notifications and text messages to be sent to individuals on the contact list.

Summary: Protect America vs Frontpoint

Frontpoint home security system is a good choice for homeowners who would prefer to have an option when it comes to the length of their contract. By offering a 1- and 3-year option, Frontpoint gives the consumer an option.

Protect America offers various packages that are affordable and offer ample security coverage. If you don't mind signing a 3-year contract for their services, Protect America is a wise choice, especially if you would rather not worry about equipment maintenance.

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