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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Frontpoint.

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Frontpoint and LifeShield both provide effective home security with a good selection of features and equipment. Both have affordable plans, but Frontpoint comes with a hefty charge for equipment and activation. There are no equipment fees with LifeShield

Overview: Frontpoint vs LifeShield

Frontpoint and LifeShield are known for their transparency in terms of contract requirements and fees. Frontpoint's customer service is rated higher than LifeShield. Frontpoint offers do-it-yourself installation. Both require a minimum three-year contract to start service.

  • 3-year contracts are required
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • LifeShield has limited customer service hours
  • Frontpoint offers Z-wave home automation
  • Frontpoint is well-known for its customer service and reputation

Similarities: LifeShield vs Frontpoint

Both Frontpoint and LifeShield are comparable in price. They both offer sensors to detect environmental hazards. Both systems offer mobile capabilities and can be accessed from almost any location. While LifeShield does not charge for its equipment, it does charge an activation fee.

  • Activation fees are required to start service
  • Reputable 24/7 security monitoring by trained professionals
  • Good for renters
  • Environmental sensors for smoke, CO2, and fire
  • Keychain remote and mobile app

Differences: LifeShield vs Frontpoint

Frontpoint and LifeShield's main differences center around the cost of their equipment, activation fees, and installation. While Frontpoint charges hefty equipment and activation fees, they expect you to install the system. LifeShield offers professional installation with an activation fee but doesn't charge for the equipment.

  • LifeShield offers professional installation
  • Frontpoint offers Z-wave home automation
  • Frontpoint offers a 30-day money back guarantee
  • LifeShield's packages cost more in the long run
  • Frontpoint requires a credit check


Frontpoint's sophisticated home security system is 100% wireless and runs off cellular service. It offers mobile capability and a Touch Screen control pad. It provides both streaming video surveillance and still image capture so that you get the most out of the cameras you choose. Frontpoint also offers environmental hazard sensors and pet-friendly motion detectors.

LifeShield offers indoor/outdoor video surveillance, environmental sensors that detect smoke CO2, and fire. Their system is also monitored through a cellular connection and has mobile capabilities that include a mobile app and keychain remote.


Frontpoint requires a 3-year contract to start service and offers a 30-day money back guarantee on new accounts.

LifeShield also requires a 3-year or 36-month contract.


Frontpoint's three plans are as follows. The Protection Plan starts at $35 per month and an equipment/activation fee of $99. The Interactive Plan starts at $45 per month with an equipment/activation fee of $200. The Ultimate Plan has an equipment/activation fee of $200 and costs $50 per month.

All four of LifeShield's plans come with a $129 activation fee. The Security Essentials package starts at $40 per month. The Security Advantage package starts at $50 per month and the Security Professional starts at $60 per month. The Renters Essential Kit Gold starts at $45 per month.


Frontpoint offers security cameras, a touchscreen control panel, home automation devices that are Z-wave compatible, and environmental sensors. You can include smart locks and thermostats with your system as well.

LifeShield offers security cameras, environmental sensors, a keychain remote, and motion sensors. They also have door and entry sensors as well. All of the equipment is 100% wireless and runs off of cellular service.


Frontpoint offers do-it-yourself installation, while LifeShield offers professional installation.

Emergency Connections

Both companies are 100% wireless and operate on a cellular platform. Once an emergency alert is received, the local authorities will be dispatched to your location. The contacts on your list will also be notified via email or text per your instructions.

Summary: Frontpoint vs LifeShield

Frontpoint is a good choice for individuals who want the most choices in terms of devices for an affordable price. Their exceptional customer service is also a plus.

LifeShield is good for renters. Although it has a limited choice of equipment and packages are somewhat higher, it does offer adequate protection for both renters and homeowners.

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