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Frontpoint and AT&T Digital Life offer quality options at both ends of the spectrum when it comes to DIY or professional service. Frontpoint is more affordable, but AT&T has the telecommunications background to provide the highest quality when it comes to emergency connectivity.

Overview: AT&T Digital Life vs Frontpoint

Frontpoint and AT&T Digital Life offer comparable packages, services, and equipment, but Frontpoint has the largest service area. That will continue to change, however, as AT&T expands its services outward from the 15 metropolitan areas it currently serves.

  1. Both require long-term contracts
  2. Frontpoint offers DIY installation
  3. AT&T has a limited service area
  4. Both require credit checks prior to financing
  5. Both offer 24/7 monitoring

Similarities: Frontpoint vs AT&T Digital Life

Frontpoint and AT&T offer the highest standard when it comes to advanced technology and reliable products. In terms of pricing, both fall within the moderate to high price range. Packages are designed to meet the needs of the consumer and can be equipment can be added at the customer's preference.

  • Environmental Disaster Detection
  • Home Automation
  • Long-term contracts
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Indoor/outdoor cameras

Differences: Frontpoint vs AT&T Digital Life

Frontpoint and AT&T have several differences that primarily involve the size of their respective service areas and the need for professional service. AT&T's service area is limited due to its infancy and will be expanding gradually. Frontpoint offers DIY installation that many customers prefer.

  • Frontpoint's installation is designed for the do-it-yourselfer and can be completed in less than an hour
  • AT&T requires professional installation that can take up to 6 hours of your time
  • Frontpoint's upfront costs are dramatically lower than AT&T, starting at less than $200
  • Frontpoint provides excellent customer service
  • AT&T's startup costs and monthly fees are extremely high compared to other systems


Frontpoint offers video surveillance and smart image capture for both indoor and outdoor cameras. They also offer environmental monitoring, home automation, and remote control operation through a mobile app that can be conveniently downloaded to either tablets or smartphones.

AT&T offers equipment that allows for full home security in addition to home automation. Their packages include a variety of motion detectors, window sensors, sirens, keypads, and environmental detectors that can be used to create seamless security coverage throughout your home.


Frontpoint offers the choice of a 1-year contract or a 3-year contract. If you plan on getting an equipment package, you will need to sign the longer of the two contracts. Both renters and homeowners can work with Frontpoint because the system can be moved by the homeowner and set up in a new location while keeping their contract intact.

AT&T offers a 42- month contract and a 60-month contract. Because of AT&T's limited service area, it may not be the best choice if a person knows they will be moving before their contract is up. Before the contract can be canceled, it must be paid in full with no reimbursements.


Frontpoint startup costs are $199.99, depending on the system and any add-ons that are included. Monthly package costs include Protection at $99/$35 per month, Interactive at $99/$45 per month or Ultimate at $279/$50 per month.

AT&T costs are staggering in comparison to other companies. Smart Security starts at $350 due at installation and $40 per month. Smart Security and Automation package starts with $550 due at installation and $55 per month. The Premium Security and Automation package requires $850 due at signing and $70 per month. Other packages may be added for an additional startup cost and monthly fee.


Frontpoint's packages include a keypad (touchscreen or pushbutton), window/door sensors, motion detectors, indoor/outdoor cameras and environmental sensors. Equipment is wireless and can be operated manually or by a remote control keychain. A mobile app is also offered that can be used. Devices can be integrated for home automation and remote operation.

AT&T offers several pieces of equipment in each of their packages. Most packages include a control panel, motion sensors, indoor/outdoor cameras, contact sensors, and a siren. Environmental sensors and energy saving detectors can also be included to protect your home from a variety of hazards and allows for full home automation.


Frontpoint does not require professional installation. Easy to install instructions are included and customer service reps are available if the customer has problems during the DIY installation process. Installing the system and setting up the monitoring takes less than an hour to complete.

AT&T requires professional installation. A 6-hour window will be set aside to give the technician time to provide a security evaluation, discuss options with the homeowner, and then install and set up the system.

Emergency Connections

Frontpoint operates using cellular service and does not require a landline. Texts and push notifications are sent to contacts listed with the company when an alarm is triggered. The proper authorities are also notified.

AT&T does not offer phone support at this time, but their service allows for messages via social media and text. The proper authorities are notified when alarms are triggered.

Summary: AT&T Digital Life vs Frontpoint

Frontpoint is the best choice for customers who want as much control as possible over their system. It offers DIY installation and devices can be added whenever the customer chooses. Frontline also works well for renters. Contracts can be transferred from location to location.

AT&T is a great choice for customers if they live within one of their 15 designated service areas. Although the price is on the high end, the quality of their service is comparable to other high-end home security systems.

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