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Frontpoint and Armorax offer a variety of devices and multiple package options. The main concern between the two companies is that while Frontpoint has been in business for several years and has remained stable in price, both for equipment and monitoring, Armorax has not. The price fluctuations over the past year have put some people on edge, even though their equipment is considered top of the line. Armorax only serves the greater Chicago, Illinois area.

Overview: Frontpoint vs Armorax

Frontpoint and Armorax both take pride in the fact that they offer multiple device options and affordable packages that are designed to meet the needs of most homeowners. The equipment is easy to use and designed so that the homeowner can install the system in less than 30 minutes.

  • Installed by the homeowner
  • Multiple package options
  • 100% wireless w/cellular service
  • Armorax uses equipment from

Similarities: Armorax vs Frontpoint

Frontpoint and Armorax offer wireless equipment with cellular-based service. Both are well-known to the Better Business Bureau and carry high ratings. They each have multiple packages and allow you to purchase additional pieces of equipment as desired that will allow you to fully customize your home security system to fit your individual needs.

  • 3G cell service
  • Wireless equipment
  • 24/7 monitoring available
  • Home automation
  • Environmental control and hazard protection

Differences: Armorax vs Frontpoint

Frontpoint seems to be more stable than Armorax in terms of pricing.

  • Armorax uses a Verizon sim card
  • Frontpoint offers energy-saving home automation
  • Frontpoint requires a credit score of 600 or higher to get the best pricing
  • Armorax only serves the greater Chicagoland area
  • With Armorax, the mobile app is only available with higher priced packages


Frontpoint offers many features that make it a wise choice in terms of effectiveness. They include crash and smash protection, home automation, environmental detection, remote access, and both still image and video surveillance.

Armorax also offers home automation and intrusion protection. They also offer medical response devices. Their equipment is fully wireless and designed to operate within a 3G cellular-based network. Armorax also offers Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile access (with advanced packages.).


Frontpoint offers month-to-month plans that do not require a contract.

Armorax offers a 3-year contract or no-contract option. The 3-year contract will get you the best pricing on both equipment and monitoring packages. Armorax also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.


Each Frontpoint package requires at least a $69 upfront payment for equipment. Package prices range according to the number of devices. The premium plan costs $45 per month and the charge is $50 per month for their ultimate plan. Additional devices can be added as needed for an additional charge.

If you choose the month-to-month payment option, you will have to purchase Armorax's equipment upfront for approximately $550. If you prefer a contract, the upfront price will drop to $100. For monitoring, the Basic plan runs $34.95 per month, the Intermediate plan is $39.99 per month, and the Advanced plan is $44.95 per month. Additional devices can be added on an a la carte basis.


Frontpoint offers a large selection of devices. With their basic package, you get the hub, keypad, window/door sensors, and a motion sensor. You have the option to add glass break sensors, environmental hazard sensors, indoor/outdoor video cameras, garage door sensors, and doorbell cameras.

Armorax's initial package includes the key fob, keypad, motion sensors, door/window sensors, and an encrypted control panel. You can also add environmental sensors, Z-Wave devices for home automation and indoor/outdoor cameras. Some of the indoor cameras have the pan and tilt options for increased viewing range.


Frontpoint is designed to be installed and set up by the consumer.

Armorax pre-programs your system so all you have to do is choose where you want to put each sensor and then turn the system on.

Emergency Connections

Frontpoint mainly uses 3G cellular service for connectivity but also has Wi-Fi features. When alerts are triggered, you and your contacts, as well as local authorities will be notified and EMS responders will be dispatched.

Armorax uses cellular service via a Verizon sim card to send alerts and notifications. In the event of an emergency, you, your contacts, and local EMS responders will be dispatched to your home.

Summary: Frontpoint vs Armorax

Frontpoint is a solid company and is a good choice for anyone who wants effective 24/7 monitoring. They also are well-known for their customer service.

Armorax is great for Chicago-area residents who want to be able to choose whether or not they get locked into a contract. After the initial cost, the plans are affordable and there several popular features.

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