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Frontpoint and Arlo are very different systems. While Frontpoint offers some of the more technologically advanced advantages, Arlo is a more basic system that allows you to choose the type of monitoring you want without the need for a contract.

Overview: Frontpoint vs Arlo

Frontpoint is a home security system that is designed for homeowners who want committed service will all of the perks and advantages. Arlo, on the other hand, allows you to choose the cloud storage for your videos instead of 24/7 professional monitoring.

  • Frontpoint requires a 1- to 3-year contract
  • Arlo's home security system relies solely on its video camera capabilities
  • Frontpoint offers home extensive home automation options
  • Arlo's cameras include night vision with zoom capabilities
  • Both systems are 100% wireless

Similarities: Arlo vs Frontpoint

Frontpoint and Arlo are similar in their video capabilities. Both offer high-quality images and video. Both offer high quality indoor/outdoor cameras that are state of the art in terms of technology and ease of use.

  • Indoor/outdoor cameras
  • Equipment pricing starts off at about the same price
  • Both offer motion sensors (Arlo's sensors are built into their cameras)
  • You purchase your equipment upfront
  • No professional installation

Differences: Arlo vs Frontpoint

While Frontpoint and Arlo both offer effective coverage in terms of home security, they are vastly different in terms of their contracts, devices, and 24/7 monitoring options. Frontpoint is geared more towards reliability in terms of emergency connections, while Arlo is more for the person who wants to be more hands-on with their system.

  • Frontpoint requires either a 1-year or 3-year contract
  • Frontpoint's 3-year contract offers you a discount on the packages you choose
  • Arlo relies primarily on their cameras to provide security
  • Arlo offers month-to-month cloud storage for videos instead of 24/7 monitoring services
  • Frontpoint offers a comprehensive list of devices that includes home automation capabilities


Frontpoint offers mobile app capabilities, environmental monitoring, and energy-saving home automation features, in addition to crash and smash sensors. They also offer still image capture and video surveillance options that are designed to meet all of your security needs.

Arlo's security cameras have built-in motion sensors and are designed to capture most types of activity within their range. They are capable of triggering alarms that will send you notifications or capture live video in a cloud storage platform.


Frontpoint requires you to sign a contract. They offer a 1-year option or a 3-year option. If you choose the longer of the two options, you will receive a discounted price.

Arlo does not require a contract and allows you to for month-to-month cloud storage for your videos.


Frontpoint offers three main packages. With the Protection package, the upfront cost is $99.00 and costs $35 a month for 36 months. The Interactive and Ultimate packages cost $199.93 upfront for the equipment. For threes years, the packages cost $45 and $50 per month respectively.

The Arlo home security system costs $210 to $240. This will vary depending on where you purchase the system. Single cameras cost close to $200 if you want to add additional units to your system.


Frontpoint offers indoor/outdoor cameras, crash and smash sensors, smart locks, floodlights and entry sensors. Each system also comes with a keypad, a hub, and Z-wave technologically.

Arlo comes with 2 Arlo cameras, mounting brackets (magnetic), rechargeable batteries and all of the wires and cables you need. A hub is also included.


Both systems are easy to install and can be set up in a matter of minutes. No professional installation is required.

Emergency Connections

Frontpoint offers 24/7 professional monitoring that will notify both you and the authorities if an alarm is triggered.

Arlo only offers month-to-month cloud storage, but will notify you if an alarm is triggered. It's up to you to notify the authorities.

Summary: Frontpoint vs Arlo

Frontpoint is a good choice for someone who wants all of the bells and whistles at an affordable price and doesn't mind lengthy contracts.

Arlo is a better choice for someone who wants to control every aspect of their home security and doesn't mind having to notify the authorities on their own.

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