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Frontpoint is a well-designed home security system with a variety of advanced features that can make it a better choice over its competitors. While other products may be less expensive, there’s no doubt that Frontpoint is a leader in innovative technology for protecting your home.

Frontpoint can be considered a middle of the road option for both pricing and overall desirability of equipment and features. The company is known for its solid customer service and reliable equipment, though. It’s also highly customizable and a system you can install on your own. It offers key features such as redundant backups, full integration with the most popular home automation solutions, and powerful encryption for safety.

Take a look at how well it compares to other home security systems. If you are not sure if Frontpoint is for you, each of these systems offers a competitive option that may work better.

1. SimpliSafe

When comparing Frontpoint to SimpliSafe, you’ll find a variety of similarities. For example, both allow for do-it-yourself installation. Both operate with wireless equipment. Both company’s offer quality monitoring and well-designed equipment. You may find that one of the key features is that they both provide indoor and outdoor cameras, allowing you to customize them the way you desire.

Frontpoint offers a crash and smash protection feature that allows you to know when someone breaks into the home even if he or she tries to damage the security system. You also have to consider the versatile equipment options offered by Frontpoint. Still, the entry-level pricing and ease of setting it up makes SimpliSafe the go-to option for those who want a basic, low-cost system.

When it comes to customer service, both companies offer advanced features. Both companies have quality equipment with warranties as well.

2. ADT

ADT is a solid competitor for Frontpoint in a number of ways. Both companies allow for quality equipment. They also allow for standard connectivity as well as advanced options. Both companies offer basic systems as well as more advanced, solutions. For example, both use touchscreen control panels at the highest level. They offer environmental control sensors for fire and carbon monoxide. Additionally, they both allow for home automation allowing you to control security, lights, and door locks using the system. Both companies also require home monitoring.

On the other hand, the companies have a few key differences. First, ADT requires professional installation. You also have to pay $125 for upfront costs for the equipment, whereas Frontpoint doesn’t charge this. Cost-wise, both companies offer comparative pricing, with ADT offering a slightly lower price at the lowest level of service. However, ADT’s pricing depends on the specific type of system you choose – with numerous customization options present. Frontpoint’s pricing strategy is more simple and straightforward.

Both companies offer advanced equipment, reliability, and solid monitoring services. These are reputable providers with proven track records, too.

3. Vivint

Vivint is a company with a long history of providing exceptional service and competitive features. It, too, is a solid option to consider if you don’t want to choose Frontpoint for some reason. Both companies offer several package options for you. Both also provide smart home technology and optional video. Both solutions are wireless, use mobile apps for connectivity, and offer cameras for both indoor and outdoor use.

There are significant differences from this point, though. For example, Vivint requires professional installation. Vivint also has an upfront equipment fee of $500 – again, there’s no upfront cost for Frontpoint.

When comparing equipment and features, Vivint has the better product. It offers more advanced home automation features as well as better quality cameras. That’s because Vivint builds its own equipment whereas Frontpoint relies on a number of suppliers. Overall, you’ll find more equipment options here to choose from, such as infrared motion detectors and magnetic sensors for doorways. However, if you don’t want the top of the line equipment, this can be a drawback for some buyers.

Frontpoint compares well to any of these providers but tends to be the option thought after when property owners want quality equipment, solid, smart home features, and a competitive price. This DIY solution works for most homes especially those looking for better-than-average home security.