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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Nest Secure.

SecureScore™: 7.8/10

Canary and Nest home security systems are simple and easy to use. While Canary is a more basic system, it offers many of the same features as the more expensive systems. Nest offers the best of both worlds in terms of professional service (if desired) as well as being an effective, self-monitored system.

Overview: Canary vs Nest

Canary and Nest are both effective when it comes to protecting your home and property. They share many of the same features, including the high-quality video surveillance options and at least partial home automation. While Nest is more expensive, you also get a larger selection of devices and the ability to connect with more platforms like Google Smart Home and Alexa.

  • Canary's All-in-One system monitors air quality
  • Nest offers almost full home automation
  • Canary is self-monitoring but offers a subscription to a cloud storage service
  • Nest requires up to $499 up front (depending on where you buy)
  • Canary also offers two-way voice communication

Similarities: Nest vs Canary

Canary and Nest are comparable in terms of self-monitoring and do-it-yourself installation. You are not required to pay for a monthly subscription or contract and you don't have to set up an appointment for installation. You can also add new devices to your system at any time.

  • Both are compatible with the Alexa platform
  • Neither requires a long contract
  • Canary offers a month-to-month subscription for cloud storage
  • Both systems offer motion detection
  • Each system can be self-monitored

Differences: Nest vs Canary

The biggest difference between Canary and Nest is the number of devices available and the different platforms that Nest can integrate with. Both are technologically advanced, but while Canary relies on one main device, Nest offers customers a comprehensive selection to choose from.

  • Nest is well-known for its thermostat
  • Canary works well with Alexa
  • Nest integrates with other devices as well as other platforms
  • Nest is more expensive upfront in terms of cost
  • Canary relies on a “All-in-One” device while Nest offers several


The All-in-One Canary security camera has builtin motion sensors, air quality sensors, and a siren. The motion detector is pet friendly and can detect whether a room is occupied or empty. The system is compatible with Alexa and offers two-way communication.

The Nest home security system is compatible with both Alexa and Google Smart Home. It offers almost full home automation, along with entry sensors, motion detectors, and high-resolution video surveillance.


Neither company requires a contract but if you are a Nest customer and want to get the best possible price for Moni's 24/7 professional monitoring service, you will need to agree to a 3-year contract.


Canary All-in-One camera packages can be purchased for $70, $120, or $170. The $70 price is what you pay if you purchase a 2-year membership. If a 1-year membership is purchased, the price goes up to $120. If no membership is purchased, you pay the full $170 retail price.

Nest packages start at between $399 and $499. The monthly charge for Moni's 24/7 monitoring is $29.95 a month. If you choose to sign a 3-year contract, the price drops to $19.95 a month.


Canary offers a wide variety of camera options, but few other devices. All of the features are built-in to one device.

In addition to its Nest Guard hub, Nest offers a comprehensive selection of devices that can be added to the equipment in their basic package. In addition to the motion detectors, entry sensors and video cameras, you can also choose the Nest thermostat, doorbell viewer as well as many other items.


Canary does not require professional installation and can be set up by the customer in less than 30 minutes.

Nest offers both do-it-yourself installation as well as a do-it-yourself option for homeowners and renters who are more hands on.

Emergency Connections

Canary is primarily a self-monitoring system. Once the siren is set off or an alarm is triggered, you will receive notifications and alerts but it is up to you to contact local authorities.

With Moni's professional monitoring system, you will get immediate alerts if an alarm is triggered. Local authorities will also be notified. If you do not have the monitoring service, you will still receive notifications but it is up to you to contact EMS.

Summary: Canary vs Nest

Canary is an affordable choice if you don't want to deal with multiple devices or pay a fee for monitoring.

Nest is the best choice if you want the convenience and technologically that goes with a fully automated home. While it's a little more expensive, many people will pay the extra for the added convenience.

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