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Brinks and Frontpoint both offer do-it-yourself installation and cellular connectivity for faster emergency response. The companies offer similar features and services but are drastically different in terms of upfront costs and contract terms.

Overview: Brinks vs Frontpoint

Frontpoint offers multiple packages that come with a variety of devices and features. Brinks also has multiple packages but is somewhat limited in terms of home automation. Frontpoint costs more in the long run but offers many of the same features as the Brinks system.

  • Lengthy contracts
  • At least partial home automation
  • DIY installation and set up
  • Wireless equipment
  • Cellular connectivity

Similarities: Frontpoint vs Brinks

Both Brinks and Frontpoint require long-term contracts. They each offer DIY installation and 24/7 professional monitoring. Both use cellular connectivity to notify local authorities and send notifications to numbers on the customer's contact list.

  • 1- and 3-year contracts with money back guarantees (Brinks 30-days, Frontpoint 30-days)
  • Easy do-it-yourself installation and setup
  • 100% wireless equipment
  • Environmental disaster protection
  • Cellular connectivity for emergency notifications

Differences: Frontpoint vs Brinks

Brinks and Frontpoint are fairly competitive in terms of the quality of their equipment, but there is a large difference in terms of their upfront costs. Frontpoint also requires a credit score of 600 points or higher if you want to finance the equipment.

  • Brinks can pair with Nest products to improve home automation
  • Brinks also offers a video doorbell viewer
  • Frontpoint also offers a 1-year contract that doesn't qualify for premium pricing
  • Frontpoint offers remote light and thermostat control


Brinks offers a remote app that is easily downloaded onto a tablet or smartphone. The system offers at least partial home automation when paired with Nest products. The equipment is completely wireless and can be moved from place to place without affecting the contract.

Frontpoint also offers a remote app. They also have full home automation and a variety of environmental detectors. Indoor/outdoor cameras are optional, along with their own version of the video doorbell viewer. The system can also control a smart lock system.


Brinks requires a 36-month contract but offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Frontpoint offers a 1-year contract at the regular price. Customers can opt for a 3-year contract with a 30-day guarantee to get discounted pricing, but their credit score must be above 600 for them to qualify.


Upfront equipment costs start at $399 when you choose a Brinks system. The Home Complete Package costs $29 a month. The Home Complete Package with Video runs $39 per month.

Each of Frontpoint's three packages costs $199.95 upfront. The packages start at $35 per month for the Protection package, $45 for the Integrative package, and $50 for the Ultimate package.


Equipment included in the Brinks package includes a motion sensor, a control panel, and three door/window/entry sensors. If you want to include video surveillance you can include the indoor/outdoor cameras and video doorbell viewer as well.

Frontpoint systems offer customers two types of control panels to choose from, a keychain remote, entry sensors, panic pendant, indoor/outdoor cameras, and motion sensors. Indoor/outdoor cameras offer both still capture images and video depending on what monitoring package you choose.


Both systems can be installed by the homeowner with no tools required. The entire installation and setup process can be completed in less than 30 minutes for either system.

Emergency Connectivity

Both Brinks and Frontpoint offer cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity and offer reliable service. Each company will contact local authorities in the event of an emergency and will also notify each number on the provided call list.

Summary: Brinks vs Frontpoint

Brinks is a good choice for homeowners who want to install the system on their own but still have the option for monitoring if they want it. Brinks is limited in terms of home automation, so if that is something they would like to include, they will have to add a few Nest products to their system.

Frontpoint is a fine choice in terms of reliability and technology, but it's rather expensive. It's a great choice across the board if you are willing to pay the additional costs.

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