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Between these two security systems, our favorite is August.

SecureScore™: 9.4/10

August and Yale offer multiple models of smart locks that can be used with home security systems that are already in place. While the August locks can be placed over existing deadbolts, Yale offers the complete lock. Both offer adapters that allow their locks to pair with home automation systems. August also provides smart alerts that are sent to your smartphone that indicates whether or not the door is locked.

Overview: August vs Yale

August and Yale offer advanced levels of home security by offering digital smart locks that can be operated remotely. Both companies offer Wi-Fi connectivity that allows their locks to be connected to smartphone apps, home security systems, and home automation devices. Their ability to be connected to an existing home security system provides an additional layer of protection.

  • Easy to install
  • Battery operated
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Yale offers locks that can be opened with a standard key
  • “Touch to unlock” features

Similarities: Yale vs August

Both August and Yale offer locks that are easy to use and install. The level of protection they provide is also exceptional since they pair quite nicely with both home security systems and home automation platforms. Neither requires long-term commitments of any kind or upgrades. Both also offer multiple models with a variety of features.

  • Choice of keypads (push button or touchscreen)
  • Home automation options
  • Compatible with most home security systems
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Smartphone connectivity

Differences: Yale vs August

While August and Yale offer the technologically advanced smart locks with a wide variety of features, they do have distinct differences that set them apart from one another. August, for example, is one of a very select few that has the capability of pairing with the Apple HomeKit. It also will send alerts to your smartphone if your door is unlocked. Yale offers complete locking systems, while August offers a digital locking mechanism that fits over most existing deadbolts.

  • August works with a large number of home security systems
  • August sends alerts to smartphones through their app
  • Yale offers Bluetooth compatibility
  • Yale requires the Yale Zigbee Network Module if you plan on pairing it with home automation platforms
  • Yale supports over 200 passcodes


August smart locks are designed to fit easily over deadbolts that are already in place. When the August app is in use, it can determine whether or not the door is locked and can unlock/lock if the phone is within a specific range. Video doorbell viewers are also available. August offers models both keyless and standard key options. Pairs well with almost all home security systems and home automation platforms.

Yale can be used with several different home security systems. When combined with the Zigbee Network adapter, it will also work with home automation systems. Yale offers touchscreen and push-button keypads, as well as touch to unlock and standard key options. Yale locks are capable of storing over 200 different passcodes.


Neither August nor Yale requires long-term commitments in the form of contracts or service agreements.


August has many different options to choose from. The most common is the 3rd Gen Smart Lock that ranges in cost from $99 to $125 depending on where you purchase it from. There are two options when it comes to the Smart Lock Pro. The first costs $227.91 and the second, $248.98.

Yale offers several different types of smart locks. The Assure Lock has a touchscreen and can be purchased for $140. The Real Living Lock can be found for $152. Nest sells the Nest x Yale smart lock for around $240. Yale can be purchased from many different retailers resulting in a wide fluctuation in pricing.


August offers multiple models and features that allow for use with home automation platforms like Alexa and Apple HomeKit. The Smart Lock and Smart Lock Pro are the two most common products in terms of their advanced digital security options.

Yale has a wide variety of options, most of which are compatible with both home security and home automation platforms. The Assure Lock, Real Living Lock and the Nest x Yale smart lock are their most advanced in terms of digital technology.


Neither company requires professional installation although they do offer customer support options if the homeowner needs assistance.

Emergency Connections

On their own, August and Yale do not have the capability to notify emergency services if a breach is detected. When compared with a home security system, however, the monitoring center may be able to receive alerts if the system is fully connected and operational.

Summary: August vs Yale

August is a good choice for individuals who don't want to have to replace their entire deadbolt system.

Yale offers a large selection for the homeowner who wants to choose between different keypads and features.

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