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Between these two security systems, our favorite is August.

SecureScore™: 9.4/10

August and Kwikset are reliable options when it comes to the level of protection afforded by smart locks and deadbolts. While Kwikset offers the entire lock assembly, August is most well known for its smart lock that retrofits to the deadbolt you already have installed on your door. Both are capable of working with popular home security systems and can be operated remotely through a mobile app. August goes a step further and provides users with alerts sent directly to their phones that allows them to know if the door is locked.

Overview: August vs Kwikset

Both August and Kwikset offers state of the art technology in terms of using mobile apps. Both smart locks work well with other home security systems and home automation platforms like Nest and Alexa.

  • Kwikset offers a lifetime warranty
  • Both are capable of Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Both companies offer a standard key option
  • Kwikset offers a diverse portfolio of smart locks

Similarities: Kwikset vs August

August and Kwikset are both very easy to install and are extremely durable. Their ability to connect with home security and home automation systems provides an additional layer of protection that is well worth the cost of the locks. There are no contracts or lengthy service agreements. Both come with either keypads or “touch to unlock” features. August and Kwikset both offer standard key options as well.

  • Battery-operated
  • Compatible with Alex, Google Home and Nest
  • Multiple models with different features
  • Wi-Fi connectivity

Differences: Kwikset vs August

August works with almost all of the home automation systems as well the Apple HomeKit. Kwikset has the capability of working with a number of the systems as well. Kwikset Kevo no longer offers the key fob option, but instead uses a “touch to unlock” feature.

  • Kwikset includes a lifetime warranty
  • August does not work with every brand of deadbolt
  • Kwikset Kevo uses “eKeys” or passcodes


August smart lock retrofits onto several different types of deadbolt locks. It comes with a sensor that detects when a door has been left open or unlocked. When the app is in use, it can lock and unlock the door when the smartphone is within a certain distance from the door. August also offers video doorbell viewer. Most units have a keypad as well as the option to use a standard key.

Kwikset smartlocks have a number of locks with different features. They also have Zigbee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity options. Features vary among the full suite of locks, but some features include app control, remote locking, remote unlocking, mobile notifications, touch to unlock and more.


Neither company requires any type of agreement or contract.


August has several options to choose from. The August 3rd Gen Smart Lock starts out at $99 and goes up to $125. There are two Smart Lock Pro options for $227.91 and $248.98 respectively.

There are several different smart locks to choose from with Kwikset. The Kwikset 909 is the cheapest, starting out at $90. The Kwikset Z-Wave runs approximately $158.87 while the Kwikset 99140 costs $171.64. The Kwikset Kevo ranges in price with the average being approximately $140 (it all depends on where you purchase it). The Kevo upgrade to use the app costs $99.99.


All of August's smart locks are made up of two separate pieces, the exterior and interior pieces. There are many additional types of smart locks offered by August aside from those listed in the Pricing section.

Kwikset has a rather large catalog of smart locks aside from what is listed in the Pricing section above. All locks are made up of two separate pieces, one that goes on the outside of the door and one that is attached to the inside.


Both August and Kwikset offerings are designed to be installed by the homeowner and provide easy to follow instructions.

Emergency Connections

Neither August or Kwikset smart locks are capable of emergency connectivity on their own, but both work well with various home security systems and home automation platforms. If paired with a more complete home security system, both can aid in the triggering of an alarm if the system is breached.

Summary: August vs Kwikset

August is the perfect choice for someone who wants to be able to pair their smart lock with other home automation platforms and home security systems.

Kwikset is a fine choice if you like having multiple options and want to go with a reliable and long standing name in door locks.

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