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Between these two security systems, our favorite is SimpliSafe.

SecureScore™: 9.4/10

Armorax and SimpliSafe are two of the easiest home security systems on the market. Both offer at least partial home automation and an app that allows you to monitor your system remotely. Armorax offers a no-contract option as well as a 3-year contract that allows for somewhat more competitive pricing. SimpliSafe is more affordable and only offers two monthly plans while Armorax offers three.

Overview: Armorax vs SimpliSafe

Armorax and SimpliSafe are extremely convenient. They are compatible with the Alexa platforms and have apps that work with both iOS and Android systems. While SimpliSafe doesn't require a contract or professional installation, they offer high-quality devices and an effective third-party monitoring service. Armorax offers easy to install equipment as well as the option for a contract.

  • Both offer cellular connectivity for reliable service
  • Alexa compatibility in both allows for integration with other smart home devices
  • Each system offers DIY installation that takes only a few minutes to complete
  • Indoor video surveillance cameras offered by both provide high-resolution images
  • Each offer a mobile app for remote connectivity

Similarities: SimpliSafe vs Armorax

Armorax and SimpliSafe offer many of the same features like a mobile app that works with both iOS and Android systems. Both are recognized by the Better Business Bureau for quality products and services. Each system can work with multiple home automation and smart home devices, such as Alexa, Nest, and Google platforms.

  • No contract option for those who don't want to be locked into a long-term agreement
  • Remote access with a smartphone app
  • Easy to follow installation instructions that allow the process to be completed in minutes
  • Good for both homeowners and renters
  • Easily relocated if the subscriber moves

Differences: SimpliSafe vs Armorax

Armorax's cameras are somewhat more versatile than those offered by SimpliSafe. They offer a pan and tilt option, while the cameras offered by SimpliSafe are more basic. The quality of the images, however, are good. Armorax offers a contract option for those who don't mind the 3-year commitment. SimpliSafe manufactures all of their own equipment.

  • SimpliSafe was developed by Harvard business students
  • Armorax's contract option will charge a penalty if you cancel it before the time is up
  • SimpliSafe offers indoor cameras
  • Armorax offers Ring doorbell video viewers
  • Armorax offers a price lock feature with their contract option


Armorax's features include intrusion protection, remote control, home automation, medical response, indoor/outdoor video cameras, and doorbell video viewers with two-way communication. They also offer a “chat” feature through a Zen Desk portal that allows you to communicate with their customer service representatives.

SimpliSafe offers award-winning third-party monitoring, video security, glass break sensors, motion detectors, and remote access features through the use of a key fob or app that can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet.


Armorax offers a 3-year contract with a price lock option and a no-contract option that allows you to pay on a month-to-month basis.

SimpliSafe doesn't require a contract.


Armorax charges a $99 equipment fee upfront. They offer three packages. The Basic package costs $34.95. The Intermediate package starts at $39.95 and the Advanced package costs approximately $44.95.

SimpliSafe costs $199 for the basic equipment package with costs going as high as $540 for their most advanced packages. Individual pieces of equipment range in price and can be added as desired to either of the packages. There are two monthly packages. The basic package costs $14.99 a month, The interactive package includes access to multiple features and costs $24.99 a month.


Armorax offers a variety of equipment including indoor/outdoor cameras, motion sensors, keypad, key fob, entry/window sensors, and a Verizon SIM card that allows for cellular connectivity. You can also choose to add the Ring video doorbell viewer with two-way communication.

SimpliSafe offers indoor video cameras, a base unit, motion sensors, glass break sensors, window/door sensors, key fob, and a smartphone app that is easily downloaded to smartphones and tablets.


Both companies offer do it yourself installation and offer easy to follow instructions.

Emergency Connections

Armorax offers professional third-party monitoring over a cellular network that will notify emergency responders in the event of an emergency.

SimpliSafe uses an award-winning monitoring center and cellular connectivity that allows for immediate notifications to both emergency responders and the client's list of contact numbers.

Summary: Armorax vs SimpliSafe

Armorax is a good choice homeowners and renters who want the convenience of a simple system with the price lock guarantee associated with a contract.

SimpliSafe is the best choice for homeowners and renters who want a quality system for an affordable monthly price.

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