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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Arlo.

SecureScore™: 8.0/10

Both Arlo and Canary home security systems use video surveillance as their first line of defense. Each system has its advantages but both are limited to the use of video as the main way of identifying problems at your home. Arlo's cameras can be used with other systems, while Canary devices include CO2 sensors.

Overview: Arlo vs Canary

Arlo and Canary are not your average home security systems. Their systems do not utilize door or entry sensors or doorbell viewers. The cameras offered by both companies are considered to be “all-in-one”, combining several features in one device. Both are do-it-yourself systems, but offer subscriptions to monitoring services if you are interested.

  • Both rely solely on video for security and intrusion prevention
  • Neither requires a contract
  • No monthly fees unless you choose to subscribe to a third-party monitoring service
  • Both offer indoor video surveillance
  • Outdoor quality for both is questionable or non-existent

Similarities: Canary vs Arlo

Both Arlo and Canary use video surveillance as their main source of protection. Each system is capable of handling several cameras at one time. The customer must install the system and set it up. Both companies leave it up to the customer when it comes to monitoring the system.

  • Upfront fees
  • Quality indoor surveillance
  • Multiple cameras can be included in one system
  • 24/7 monitoring is available
  • Not as many features as other, more sophisticated home security systems

Differences: Canary vs Arlo

The main difference between the Arlo and Canary system is the price. Arlo offers a baby monitor while Canary offers CO2 sensors and helps to monitor air quality. Arlo can be easily integrated with other home security systems and monitored by third-party security companies.

  • Canary is a good choice for renters
  • Canary cameras cost less than $200
  • Arlo offers 7-days of free cloud storage
  • Arlo offers plans designed for businesses
  • Canary offers a monthly subscription to their 24/7 monitoring service


Arlo offers infrared night vision and motion alerts. The system can support up to 60 cameras at one time and is easily adaptable for business use. Arlo can be paired with Alexa allowing for at least partial home automation.

The features offered vary by product. The Canary view is a fairly basic camera that uses motion sensors to identify possible intrusions. The Canary Flex provides HomeHealth sensors and includes a 90-decibel siren. Both cameras offer high-quality video as well as two-way communication.


Arlo does not require a long-term contract or service agreement.

There are no contracts with any of the Canary products but you do have the option to subscribe to their monitoring service.


With Arlo, you do not subscribe to monitoring service. Instead, you subscribe to a cloud storage plan that allows you to store videos for each camera. You can store 14-days worth of recording for $10 per month or 30 days of storage for $20 per month. The cost is per device and discounts are offered if you pay for the entire year upfront. Purchasing multiple plans and devices can result in 50% savings. Cameras start at $120 and with the most expensive costing almost $500.

Canary's 24/7 monitoring package costs $10 per month and offers a discount if you pay for the year in advance. Each additional device costs $5 per month. The subscription allows you to store up to 1000 videos each month. Cameras must be purchased up front and range in price, starting at around $200.


Arlo's packages come with a camera (or cameras) and a base unit that allows you to store and view the videos in real-time. Arlo is a self-monitoring system, which means you must monitor it yourself unless you hire a third-party monitoring service.

Canary offers the View (All-In-One) and the Flex as their primary pieces of equipment. They also offer a mobile app.


Both companies require the customer to install and set up the security system.

Emergency Connections

Arlo does not notify the authorities if an alarm is triggered. Alerts and notifications are sent to your smartphone or tablet and it is up to you to call the authorities if you feel it is necessary.

Even though Canary offers a monitoring service, it is still up to you to notify the authorities so that emergency response teams can be dispatched.

Summary: Arlo vs Canary

Arlo is a good choice if you want a selection of cameras to choose from and want to be able to monitor the system on your own. The cameras are more expensive but provide high-quality images and videos.

Canary is the better choice if you want simple service and cameras that are capable of performing several different tasks at once.

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