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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Arlo.

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The Arlo cameras and the Amazon Cloud Cam are comparable in almost every way in terms of resolution and field of view. Both have motion detection sensors and offer cloud storage options. Both systems are designed to be self-monitoring and will give the owner the option to view the video as it occurs or to check in and review footage as desired. Both offer subscription options that allow for more real-time interaction between the camera and the owner.

Overview: Arlo vs Amazon Cloud Cam

The Arlo home security system and Amazon Cloud Cam offer many of the same features. Both can pair with smart home devices such as Alexa and Echo. This allows you to have at least partial home automation. Both companies offer cameras that allow you to view what is going on any given area as well as interact with individuals on camera through two-way voice communication.

  • Most cameras offered by each company offer 1080p resolution
  • All but a few cameras offer a 130-degree field of view
  • Self-monitoring through apps
  • Wireless systems that use cellular connectivity
  • Several cloud storage options

Similarities: Amazon Cloud Cam vs Arlo

Arlo and Amazon Cloud Cams offer the same resolution for their most popular cameras, 1080p. Both offer short term cloud storage options for free with Amazon's being the shortest at 24 hours. Each company offers cloud storage subscription options in terms of both length of time and the amount of video being stored. Cameras also offer two-way communication options and at least partial home automation. They both offer night vision as well.

  • Both offer motion detection sensors that are built into the camera unit
  • All cameras offer from 110 to 130-degree range in terms of field of view
  • Allows for remote viewing through each company's downloadable app
  • No contracts or long-term obligations are required
  • Self-installation and monitoring

Differences: Amazon Cloud Cam vs Arlo

The Arlo and Amazon Cloud Cam systems are designed to support multiple cameras but the big difference is in how many. Amazon Cloud only supports three while Arlo's system can support up to 60 at a time. Arlo also offers a baby monitor camera with night vision capabilities. Another difference is the price of both the cameras and the subscriptions. The amount of cloud storage is also different with each system.

  • Amazon Cloud Cam only has one camera option that has a flat rate cost of $120
  • Arlo offers multiple cameras in addition to the Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2
  • Amazon's free service is very limited on features compared to having a paid subscription
  • Arlo supports up to 60 cameras at one time
  • Amazon's motion detection option is not the best if you only have the free version


The Arlo home security system can support as many as 60 cameras at one time. The cameras include infrared night vision, built-in motion detection sensors, and the ability to pair with Alexa for home automation options. The system is completely wireless and includes an app for remote connectivity and two-way voice communication.

The Amazon Cloud Cam offers night vision, two-communication for real-time interaction, 130-degree field of vision, the ability to pair with smart devices in the home. The camera can also be controlled through the use of a downloadable app that allows for remote viewing at any time.


Neither company requires a contract. Both are designed to be monitored by the homeowner.


Arlo cameras range in price from $119 to as much as $299 per camera. You can choose the Arlo Go for a hefty $399 but this also includes a data plan. The cost to subscribe to one of Arlo's cloud storage plans varies. You can choose the premier plan that runs $10 a month or $100 a year and supports 10 cameras (30 days worth of video) or the elite plan that costs $15 a month or $150 a year and supports 15 cameras (60 days worth of video).

The Amazon Cloud Cam costs $120 and comes with a free plan. They also offer the Basic plan for $6.99 a month/$69.99 a year, 7 days of storage and coverage for 3 cameras. The Extended plan costs $9.99 a month/$99.99 a year, 14 days of storage and coverage for 5 cameras. With the Pro plan, you pay $19.99 a month/$199.99 a year, 30 days of storage, and coverage for up to 10 cameras.


With Arlo, you have several cameras to choose from with the most popular versions being the Arlo Pro, the Arlo Pro 2 and the baby monitor.

The Amazon Cloud Cam is the only camera offered but it comes with multiple features that make it easy and convenient to use.


Both systems are easy to install and set up.

Emergency Connections

Because both systems are designed to be self-monitored, neither will notify local authorities on its own. Both systems do, however, provide alerts to the homeowner that will allow them to notify EMS personnel if needed.

Summary: Arlo vs Amazon Cloud Cam

Arlo is an effective system for homeowners and renters who want an easy to use home security system that offers a variety of cameras to choose from.

The Amazon Cloud Cam is a good choice for those who aren't necessarily interested in camera choice, but prefer to have more options in terms of cloud storage.

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