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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Arlo.

SecureScore™: 8.0/10

The Arlo Q and Arlo Q Pro security cameras are easy to use and extremely reliable. The Q is designed for use in the home, while the Q Pro was created for business use. Both cameras have numerous features that make keeping your home or business safe as easy as possible.

Manufactured by Netgear, the Arlo Q cameras use state of the art technology that allows exceptional video quality during the daylight hours or after dark. As camera-driven home security systems go, the Arlo Q series is extremely effective when monitored properly.

Overview: Arlo Q vs Arlo Q Pro

Both the Arlo Q and the Arlo Q Pro are indoor security cameras that offer both night vision and two-way communication. The 1080p HD cameras offer sharp images and high-quality video. Arlo cameras are considered to be a do-it-yourself system. The cameras are easy to install and set up. They are very responsive and easy o use. Although they have up to 5-second lag time, each camera has features that make it effective and reliable.

  • Made by NetGear
  • Easy, do-it-yourself installation
  • No professional monitoring
  • 1080p HD camera
  • Two-way voice communication

Similarities: Arlo Q Pro vs Arlo Q

Unlike other Arlo cameras that can be used indoors or out, the Q and Q Pro are strictly for indoor use only. The two-way voice communication feature allows you to communicate with whoever is within close proximity to the camera. Both the Q and Q Pro offer good image quality and can stream live video. The cameras have a field of view of 130 degrees and will send smart alerts if something enters that field of vision.

  • Indoor use only
  • Neither the Q or Q Pro need a base station
  • Night vision capability
  • Activity zones are optional
  • Live streaming video

Differences: Arlo Q Pro vs Arlo Q

There are two primary differences between the Arlo Q and the Arlo Q Pro aside from the price. The main difference is the Arlo Q is designed to be used in the home. The Arlo Q Pro, on the other hand, is meant to be used in a business setting. The other difference involves the Arlo Q Pro's Ethernet port. While the Arlo Q uses A/C for power, the Q Pro can be attached to an Ethernet cord that allows for live streaming and recording to a cloud storage system.

  • The Arlo Q is for the home
  • The Q Pro is powered by an Ethernet cord
  • The Q Pro is for business use
  • The Q Pro has cloud storage capability
  • The Arlo Q uses an A/C power source


The Arlo Q offers two-way voice communication, 130-degree field of vision, night vision, smart alerts, mobile apps, easy to use design and a 1080p HD camera for sharp images.

The Arlo Q Pro offers the same features as the Q model but includes the Ethernet cord that allows for cloud storage and continual live streaming video.


No contracts are needed. All of Arlo's equipment, including the Q and the Q Pro are purchased upfront.


Both the Arlo Q and the Q Pro can be purchased in addition to other packages offered by the company. If purchased separately, the Arlo Q costs $199.99 and the Arlo Q Pro starts at $249.99.


The Arlo Q offers a 1080p HD camera is powered by an A/C cord.

The Arlo Q Pro also offers a 1080p HD camera and is powered by an Ethernet cord.


Both the Arlo Q and the Arlo Q Pro are installed by the home or business owner.

Emergency Connections

Both the Arlo Q and the Arlo Q Pro are installed and monitored by the home or business owner. This means that if alerts are triggered, it is up to the owner to monitor the system and notify the authorities if they are needed.

Summary: Arlo Q vs Arlo Q Pro

The Arlo Q is the best choice if you want an indoor home security camera with two-way voice communication and night vision.

The Arlo Q Pro is the better choice if you plan to use the camera in a business or office setting. Its live streaming video option and cloud storage make it the best overall choice.