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AllClear ID and ProtectMyID offer reliable identity theft protection to individuals who choose to use their services. Both companies use state of the art resources and technology but are quite different in a variety of ways. While ProtectMyID is available to consumers directly, AllClear ID must be obtained through an organization or employer.

Overview: AllClear ID vs ProtectMyID

AllClear ID is one of the most effective identity theft protection on both a personal as well as a corporate scale. ProtectMyID also offers effective protection but not at the level of other identity theft programs in the same price range.

  • AllClear ID does not work directly with the public
  • ProtectMyID is affiliated with Experian credit reunion
  • Credit monitoring across the three credit bureaus
  • ProtectMyID will only monitor three credit cards per customer
  • Full restoration and recovery resources

Similarities: ProtectMyID vs AllClear ID

AllClearId and ProtectMyID scan the internet regularly to identity suspicious websites that may try to gain access to your private information. Both companies monitor you address as well as your social security number to ensure they don't end up in the wrong hands.

  • Scans the Dark Web to uncover malicious websites
  • Comprehensive list of resources to help recover your identity and restore your credit
  • Daily monitoring of financial and credit accounts
  • Monitors physical address and identifies you of any attempt to change it
  • Sends notifications and alerts immediately if a breach occurs or your information is compromised

Differences: ProtectMyID vs AllClear ID

Even though the companies offer services that are similar in nature, they do have significant differences that set them apart from one another. The most prominent difference is that AllClear ID no longer deals directly with consumers. In order for a customer to subscribe to their services, they must get it through their employer or other types of organization.

  • ProtectMyID offers a mobile app
  • AllClear ID sells its services to organizations and companies who can then offer packages to employees or members
  • ProtectMyID is affiliated with Experian
  • AllClear ID offers packages for families
  • AllClear ID has a zero deductible insurance policy

Identity Monitoring

AllClear ID offers the latest in technological software and can monitor the Dark Web as well as remove your information from websites that may exhibit suspicious behavior. They monitor all of your personal information and prevent it from being used in any type of fraudulent manner.

ProtectMyID is a global leader when it comes to identity theft protection. They perform regular scans of the internet and remove your personal information from places where it doesn't belong. They also make sure your address and other private information is as secure as possible.

Financial & Credit Monitoring

AllClear ID has software that allows them to delve deeply into the darkest areas of the internet. They work on a corporate scale that allows them to track your financial accounts as well as your credit. They provide access to your credit information on a regular basis and send alerts if any changes appear on your credit reports.

ProtectMyID offers state of the art credit monitoring on a global level. The one drawback to their credit monitoring service is that they will only monitor three cards at one time. They do, however, closely monitor your financial accounts and will send alerts as needed.

Identity Restoration & Insurance Coverage

AllClear ID offers $1 million in insurance coverage plus a comprehensive list of resources that you can you to recover your identity and restore your accounts. They also offer 24/7 support from an investigator who will help you track down your information and where it is being used.

ProtectMyID also offers almost immediate recovery and restoration solutions. They also provide $1 million in insurance to reimburse you for your loss and any fraudulent activity that may be related to the identity theft. This is a zero deductible policy.

Pricing & Plans

With AllClear ID, plans are paid for by the company or organization the individual belongs to. If the individual wants to include their family in their plan, it will cost approximately $15 a month. There is no limit on the number of children that can be included.

ProtectMyID has one plan that covers both individuals and families. It costs $15.95 per month.

Summary: AllClear ID vs ProtectMyID

AllClear ID is a great choice if you want one the expertise associated with large corporations. The drawback is you have to be a member of an organization or an employee of a company that offers their services.

ProtectMyID is an excellent package for individuals or families who are looking for effective identity theft protection for an affordable price. While it doesn't offer everything, it does include the basics that most people look for.

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