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ADT and Vintage home security systems offer top of the line equipment at a price you would expect to pay for high-end service. While ADT sticks primarily to the home security aspect of things, Vintage offers assistance with home security, music, theater, and video systems as well, combining everything into one integrated system.

Overview: Vintage Security vs ADT

ADT and Vintage Security systems excel in their own unique ways. Both offer technologically advanced equipment and features that make them effective at protecting your home and property. Each has specific limitations, however, in terms of both coverage area and cost.

  • ADT and Vintage Security require 3-year service contracts
  • ADT retains ownership of all their equipment
  • Vintage Security has a limited service area (Maryland, northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C.)
  • Vintage Security offers a comprehensive list of home automation features
  • Both ADT and Vintage Security offer wireless and hardwired options

Similarities: ADT vs Vintage Security

Both ADT and Vintage Security offer many of the same features. Each company requires a long-term contract and with prices that are comparable for top-rated service. The equipment provided by each company is technologically advanced and offers a level of home security that often meets or exceeds expectations.

  • Requires 3-year contracts
  • Both wireless and hardwired connectivity
  • Home automation
  • Medical alert devices
  • Professional installation
  • Remote arm/disarm features

Differences: ADT vs Vintage Security

ADT and Vintage Security are similar in many ways, but they do have distinct differences that set them apart from one another on a huge scale. The biggest differences are overall coverage area and being able to relocate service.

  • ADT offers nationwide service
  • Vintage Security has a limited service area that covers Maryland, northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C.
  • Vintage Security can integrate Whole House Music, Home Theater, and Video Surveillance into their home automation package
  • ADT offers a 6-month money back guarantee


ADT's features include environmental sensors, medical alert devices, home automation, pet-friendly motion detectors and the option to use landline or cellular based connectivity. Indoor/outdoor video surveillance and a doorbell video viewer with two-way voice recognition are also popular features.

Vintage Security's features include indoor/outdoor video surveillance, medical alerts, environmental sensors, and full home automation. Their system also features fully wireless equipment with the convenience of choosing a hardwired or wireless equipment for operation.


Both companies require a 3-year contract. ADT offers no-penalty cancellation if service is terminated within the first 6-months of the contract. All equipment must be returned within the six-month window.

Keep in mind that if you move outside of Vintage Security's service area, you will have to buy out your contract. Service area is limited to northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland.


Installation for ADT equipment is free, but a monthly fee is required for the lease of the equipment and the 24/7 monitoring. Monthly fees vary depending on the package and the features included. Basic packages start at $37 a month with the most expensive costing approximately $53 a month. If you already have a security system installed and want ADT to provide monitoring, the monthly charge is just under $20.

Vintage Security charges approximately $920 for its equipment and approximately $1044 for three years of monthly service. Packages range from $29 to $34 per month, depending on which of the four packages you choose from. They also charge a cancellation fee if the contract is terminated prior to its completion.


With its basic package, ADT includes the keychain remote, control panel, three entry (door/window) sensors, an infrared motion sensor, siren, backup battery, and signage. The more advanced the package, the more equipment you will receive. ADT's basic package does not include a camera.

With Vintage Security, the basic package includes a control panel, 4 door/window sensors, a motion detector, and one smoke detector. If you opt for a higher-end package, you can receive an electric door lock, one interior camera, and a video doorbell with 2-way audio.


Both companies require professional installation. This is partly due to the option to have your system hardwired into place. With Vintage Security, the system is often installed during the building of the home for added convenience.

Emergency Connections

ADT and Vintage Security offer both landline and cellular service. Both systems have the option for hardwiring, as well as equipment that is 100% wireless. Both companies have options for emergency connectivity as well as text or email notifications.

Summary: Vintage Security vs ADT

ADT is the best choice for homeowners who may be considering a move. The company offers state of the art equipment at a modest to high-end price accompanied with the option to relocate if necessary.

Vintage Security is a good idea for residents who live in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and northern Virginia and plan on remaining in that area for the duration of the contract. The company offers technologically advanced equipment and full home automation for an affordable price. The main drawback is that their contract cannot be transferred outside of the service area.

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