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ADT and Sonitrol are security companies that specialize in both commercial and home security. Although ADT is fully transparent, Sonitrol does not disclose it's prices or many of its terms online. While Sonitrol is ranked as the 3rd largest company and serves close to 180 cities in the United States and Canada, they are also one of the most expensive.

Overview: ADT vs Sonitrol

ADT and Sonitrol seem to offer many of the same types of devices, especially in terms of environmental detection sensors. One of the biggest concerns with Sonitrol is the price versus what the consumer actually receives. There are no home automation options and they rarely disclose the list of devices that they offer. ADT, on the other hand, provides a full list of devices and features that are included with each package they offer.

  • Sonitrol offers a $10,000 performance guarantee to cover damages
  • ADT has earned an A+ Better Business Bureau rating
  • Sonitrol has a B+ Better Business Bureau rating
  • Sonitrol does not disclose prices or contract information
  • ADT offers both landline and cellular service

Similarities: Sonitrol vs ADT

ADT and Sonitrol do have similarities. Both offer a remote app that allows you to connect with your system no matter where you are. Both offer reliable security options for both commercial and residential customers. Each company also offers at least some degree of environmental detection options as well as various types of sensors.

  • Commercial and residential home security options
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Monthly payment options
  • Upfront costs for installation and equipment
  • Both require contracts and professional installation

Differences: Sonitrol vs ADT

The biggest difference between ADT and Sonitrol has to do with transparency. Although Sonitrol offers information about how its home security system works and offers a $10,000 performance guarantee, it offers absolutely no transparency in terms of its equipment, pricing, or its contract terms. ADT, on the other hand, provides an abundance of information both on its website and to individuals who call the company to sign-up for services.

  • Sonitrol offers no information unless an agreement has been reached
  • ADT offers monthly plans that offer a variety of features
  • Sonitrol offers a performance guarantee to protect customers against loss after a break-in
  • ADT requires a two or three-year contract
  • ADT home automation features


ADT offers a video doorbell, video surveillance cameras, entry sensors, pet-friendly motion detectors, and environmental protection sensors. ADT also offers an app for your smartphone or tablet so you can access your system from almost anywhere. Both landline and cellular connectivity are offered.

Sonitrol's features include its performance guarantee and a mobile app. Environmental detection and video options are also available. The app allows you to keep an eye on your system and access it remotely at any time. This allows you to view live video, interact with the system, access the history of the system and turn the system on and off as desired.


ADT offers both two-year and three-year contract options.

Sonitrol requires a contract but no details are available.


The Basic Security package offered by ADT costs $27.99 a month. Basic Security w/Equipment Services starts at $36.99 per month. Basic Security + Wireless Connect can be purchased for $48.99 a month. For $52.99 a month, you can receive ADT Pulse Monitoring. ADT Pulse Monitoring + Video costs approximately $58.99 per month. Each package comes with a 6-month, money back guarantee.

Sonitrol does not disclose the prices for its packages, activation, or upfront costs.


ADT equipment includes door and window sensors, motion sensors, an app that can be downloaded to your app or smartphone, video surveillance cameras, a touchscreen keypad, and a video doorbell viewer. Individual devices can also be included with packages for an additional cost.

Sonitrol does not divulge the types of devices it offers to its customers.


ADT requires professional installation, often within a few hours of ordering the system.

Sonitrol also requires professional installation but does not disclose any information.

Emergency Connections

ADT offers professional monitoring and notifications to both local law enforcement agencies and numbers on the subscriber's contact list.

Sonitrol does not divulge any information concerning its call centers or what their capabilities are.

Summary: ADT vs Sonitrol

ADT is the best choice if you want a well-known home security system that offers complete transparency and reliable service.

Sonitrol is an option for homeowners who want a performance guarantee but aren't worried about the details.

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