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ADT and Security One home security systems offer many of the same features and types of equipment. Even though ADT isn't thought of as having the best customer service in the business, it seems to be much more passable than that of Security One. The same is true of the fees each company charges. ADT maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau while Security One holds an “NR” rating. The main difference between the two companies is the level of transparency and the ability to cancel services (if desired), in a timely fashion.

Overview: ADT vs Security One

ADT and Security One offer several of the most traditional devices including motion sensors, glass break sensors, smart locks, and other devices that can be used in conjunction with other home automation features. Both offer professional installation and require a 3-year contract. Devices are wireless and no landline is required for the systems to operate.

  • ADT offers a 2-year contract and a 3-year contract
  • Security One offers a price lock guarantee
  • Both offer hardwired options for their least expensive plans
  • Both offer residential and commercial home security systems
  • Each system offers home automation capabilities

Similarities: Security One vs ADT

Both ADT and Security One work on a more professional level than do-it-yourself systems. They install their systems and offer professional monitoring via a cellular-driven network. Both offer many of the same devices, including those that pair with home automation and other smart devices. Each system offers smart locks, entry sensors, motion sensors, and key chain remotes that allow you to access your system from a distance.

  • Easy to use mobile apps that provide immediate access to the system
  • Indoor/outdoor cameras
  • Two-way communication
  • Long-term contracts
  • Difficulty in canceling service if you are still under contract

Differences: Security One vs ADT

Even though ADT and Security One have many similarities, they have differences that set them apart on many different levels. First and foremost, Security One lacks transparency. While Security One offers a price lock, it doesn't divulge any prices whatsoever for equipment or services. Security One does, however, offer a lifetime warranty on all equipment that is sold through their company. ADT offers a 6-month, money back guarantee and competitive pricing on all monthly plans.

  • ADT maintains an A+ BBB rating
  • Security One offers a medical pendant/wristband
  • Security One offers a price lock guarantee that will last no matter how long you own your system
  • ADT offers a 2-year and 3-year contract option
  • Security One does not require any upfront payments


ADT's features include motion sensors that are pet-friendly, environmental sensors, indoor/outdoor video surveillance, professional monitoring, mobile connectivity through a smartphone app, and home automation features that allow you to control lights, temperature, and other devices even when you aren't at home.

Security One provides many of the most popular features including a panic pendant/wristband, entry sensors, indoor/outdoor video surveillance, smart locks, remote access via both a key chain and smartphone app, and a variety of home automation features.


ADT requires either a 2-year or 3-year contract but does offer a 6-month money back guarantee if the customer isn't happy.

Security One requires a 3-year contract and a lifetime guarantee on all of its devices.


ADT's pricing starts at $27.99 a month for their most basic security package. The ADT Pulse Monitoring + Video package costs $58.99 a month. They offer three other packages with varying degrees of service and features that are designed to meet the needs of most homeowners. There is a $99 activation/installation fee.

While Security One claims to not have any upfront costs, their lack of transparency makes this difficult to prove. The only price that could be found anywhere was for basic services. The monthly charge was approximately $45 a month for the duration of the 3-year contract.


ADT offers many types of equipment including entry (door/window)sensors, motion detectors, smart locks, glass break sensors, environmental detection sensors, touchscreen keypads, indoor/outdoor video cameras, and a remote for your smartphone.

Security One also offers many of the more traditional devices including entry sensors, smart locks, motion detectors, indoor/outdoor video cameras, panic wristband/pendant, and a key chain remote. They also have a downloadable app for your smartphone.


Both systems require professional installation and may charge an additional fee if you move while your contract is in place.

Emergency Connections

ADT is well known for its reputable call centers and will alert both subscribers and local EMS personnel if an alert is triggered. They will also send notifications to numbers on the subscriber's call list.

Security One is set up to notify local law enforcement agencies in the event of an emergency as well as alerting the subscriber and the numbers on the list they have provided.

Summary: ADT vs Security One

ADT is one of the best choices if you want a home security system from a trusted brand name that offers the most popular features.

Security One is an effective choice if you don't plan on having much interaction with the company and don't mind paying a little more for your service.