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ADT and Protection One are comparable in terms of quality, services, equipment, and price. It's the subtle differences, however, that will allow you to determine which system will best suit your needs.

Overview: Protection One vs ADT

ADT and Protection One are well-known names in the home security industry. Each company has a long-standing tradition of offering the highest quality equipment and service in the business. Because customers lease the equipment from each company, the installation, service, repairs, and maintenance costs are free.

  1. Professional installation
  2. Long-term contracts are required
  3. State of the art equipment across the board
  4. All equipment is leased, not owned
  5. Each company offers several package choices to choose from

Similarities: ADT vs Protection One

ADT and Protection One are comparable when it comes to contract terms and pricing. While both companies are more expensive than most of the do-it-yourself home security systems, you definitely get what you pay for with a higher quality, more efficient system.

  • Similar contract terms
  • Professional installation
  • Similar service options
  • High-quality equipment
  • Both offer protection against environmental hazards

Differences: ADT vs Protection One

With all of the similarities that are found between the two companies, there are also subtle differences that may be deal breakers for some homeowners. A good example of this is that ADT offers a six-month money back guarantee, while Protection One does not.

  • Protection One offers no warranties or guarantees
  • ADT offers indoor/outdoor cameras
  • Protection One is 100% wireless
  • ADT offers a hardwired option
  • ADT cameras only take video, not still images


ADT is well-known for its security alarm and intrusion protection packages, but it also offers protection from environmental hazards. One of ADT's most popular features is the Ring video doorbell with two-way communication capability.

Protection One also offers environmental detection sensors, as well as indoor surveillance cameras. Like ADT, it also offers full home automation and wireless connectivity.


Both companies require long-term, 3-year contracts. Each company also offers 24/7 monitoring in addition to the leasing of their systems.


ADT packages range from $37 to $53 per month depending on the package you choose. The cheapest of the ADT packages offers basic security that is considered to be essential. More expensive packages include additional types of detection such as water and freeze detection. ADT also offers remote interaction with an downloadable app for smartphones and tablets.

Protection One offers four packages ranging from $35 to $55 per month. The $50 per month package is by far the most popular and is the second from the top when it comes to services offered and pieces of equipment. With Protection One, the most expensive package includes two-way communication and the option for full home automation with a remote control option.


The basic equipment provided by ADT includes the keypad, door sensors, window sensors, and a motion detector. Environmental detection devices, video doorbell with two-way communication, indoor cameras and outdoor cameras may be added for additional charges.

Protection One's basic package contains environmental detectors, intrusion detection devices, 24/7 monitoring, fire detection and carbon monoxide detection. Other services are added as the prices become more expensive. The more expensive the package, the more equipment you receive. This includes cameras, sensors, and environmental protection options.


Both companies require professional installation. Because the equipment is leased by homeowners from both companies, any repairs and servicing costs are covered by the company. The installation process for both systems is relatively simple with the main difference being the installation of a hardwired connection for the ADT service.

Emergency Connections

ADT only offers landline connectivity with its packages. Landline connectivity allows for immediate notifications that don't require a cell signal or internet connection.

Protection One offers a completely wireless set up which includes cellular emergency connectivity which may be more reliable in the long run.

Summary: Protection One vs ADT

Homeowners who want state of the art equipment along with a contract that guarantees they will receive the best protection possible can choose ADT and feel comfortable that they've made a wise decision. ADT also offers monitoring service for installed equipment from other companies.

Protection One offers similar services but has better customer service. Each system costs about the same but, Protection One seems to offer homeowners more for their money. If a customer prefers the convenience of cellular service or landline connectivity, Protection One should be their first choice.

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