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ADT has a long-standing reputation for being one of the most well-respected and trusted home security systems in the country. It's convenience and moderately priced packages are ideal for homeowners, renters or commercial businesses.

LifeShield has been in business for over 15 years and is designed to give the consumer exactly what they want. With several packages to choose from, consumers can customize their level of service as well as the packages they choose.

Overview: LifeShield vs ADT

Both ADT and LifeShield are affordable for the packages they offer. Each company offers a comprehensive list of features and devices that can be used to provide adequate and effective home security.

  1. LifeShield gives consumers the choice of DIY installation or professional installation
  2. ADT requires a fee of $125 upfront to install and activate the equipment
  3. LifeShield is currently offering free equipment when you sign up
  4. ADT can be relocated and their contract will remain in place
  5. LifeShield charges $99 to install the system and a $129 activation fee

Similarities: ADT vs LifeShield

Both ADT and LifeShield offer state of the art technology and a wide variety of devices that can effectively secure and protect your home or apartment. Each company offers 24/7 monitoring and professional installation for individuals who want to make sure their system is set up correctly.

  • New equipment can be added to the system as desired
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Indoor/outdoor cameras
  • Environmental hazard protection
  • Remote accessibility via mobile app
  • 3-year contract

Differences: ADT vs LifeShield

ADT has the benefit of over 100 years experience, LifeShield is still building its reputation. ADT has mixed reviews in the areas of contracts and customer service. LifeShield, on the other hand, still maintains a high customer satisfaction rating.

  • LifeShield offers consumers the option of buying or leasing their equipment
  • ADT has no option for DIY installation
  • LifeShield doesn't require a landline
  • ADT offers home automation
  • ADT offers medical alert pendants
  • LifeShield is currently offering free equipment when new customers sign up


ADT has several popular features that include home automation with voice recognition, motion sensors that are pet-friendly, indoor/outdoor cameras, environmental protection, and effective emergency connectivity. They also offer a video doorbell with 2-way audio.

LifeShield offers motion sensors, indoor/outdoor cameras, keychain for remote access, and environmental hazard protection. 24/7 monitoring is also part of the package. The mobile app allows you to check on your home any time from anywhere.


ADT requires a 3-year contract to be in place before installation is scheduled.

LifeShield offers a 2-year contract and a 3-year contract, depending on whether or not you choose to purchase or lease your equipment. 24/7 monitoring is required. A credit check is also required.


ADT charges $125 upfront and offers packages that cost $29, $37, $56 per month. The more expensive the package, the more equipment you receive. There are also cancellation fees if you choose to terminate your contract.

LifeShield has deals available for free equipment when a 3-year contract is signed. Equipment packages can be purchased for $199 and $299 depending on the size of the home. When equipment is purchased, no contracts are required. If the professional installation option is chosen, there is a $99 fee. It costs $129 to activate the system. Monitoring packages range from $30 a month to $60 a month. They also offer a renter's package for $45 per month.


With ADT, you will receive three entry sensors, a motion detector, siren, control panel, keychain for remote access, a backup battery, and company signage. They offer a video doorbell with 2-way communication as well as a comprehensive list of other devices, including environmental sensors, that can be purchased at any time.

LifeShield kits include a wireless security tablet, motion sensors, two entry sensors, fire sensors, and a keychain remote. If you purchase the larger package you can receive up to three cameras, depending on what discounts or deals they're offering.


ADT only gives the option for professional installation.

LifeShield offers customers a choice between do it yourself installation and professional installation. If the professional installation option is desired, there is a $99 fee.

Emergency Connections

ADT offers the trifecta in terms of emergency connectivity that includes Wi-Fi, landline, and cellular options. They will send text or email notifications in the event of an emergency, while at the same time notifying the proper authorities.

LifeShield does not require a landline and operates with both Wi-Fi and cellular service. Text and email notifications are sent to contacts and the proper authorities are notified when an alarm has been triggered.

Summary: LifeShield vs ADT

ADT offers moderate to high pricing, but offers well-rounded packages that can be added to as necessary. This is an ideal choice for someone who doesn't mind the long-term contract and likes to continually add to their system.

LifeShield is a fully customizable home security system. It's a good choice for homeowners and renters alike who want a complete system that they can effectively manage on their own, but still offers the convenience of 24/7 monitoring.

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