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ADT and Envision are home security systems that offer reliable services but differ greatly in their coverage area and some of the simpler concepts. ADT offers nationwide coverage while Envision only serves California, Arizona, and Colorado. Each company requires a contract and professional installation. Both companies are comparable in terms of monthly fees as well.

Overview: ADT vs Envision Security

Both ADT and Envision Security provide a professional level of commercial and home security to their customers. They land at both ends of the spectrum in many ways, however. While ADT has been in business for several years, Envision Security is a relatively new company. Envision Security's limited service area pales in comparison to ADT's nationwide coverage area. Each system prides itself on offering wireless protection that maintains coverage even if the power goes out.

  • Envision Security is available in Arizona, California, and Colorado
  • Both require professional installation
  • Neither is suitable for renters
  • Both require a contract although the terms vary
  • ADT has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

Similarities: Envision Security vs ADT

Both ADT and Envision Security rely on their professional offerings when serving their customers. Professional installation is a must with both companies as well as a contract requirement. Each company offers a video doorbell with two-way communication capabilities. Door and entry sensors, motion detectors, and video surveillance cameras are also offered. Each system boasts 100% cellular service.

  • Both offer home automation features
  • Professional installation of all devices is a requirement
  • Lifetime warranties are offered by both companies
  • Both offer residential and commercial security options
  • Apps are available from both companies for remote connectivity

Differences: Envision Security vs ADT

The two big differences between ADT and Envision Security have to do with how long each company has been in business and their total coverage area. ADT provides nationwide coverage to its customers and can be moved from one location to another rather easily. Envision Security, on the other hand, offers service to only three states. If you plan on moving out of their area, this may not be a good choice.

  • ADT offers a 2- and a 3-year contract option
  • Envision Security relies on door-to-door sales instead of other forms of marketing
  • ADT offers nationwide service
  • Envision Security offers a lifetime warranty


ADT offers a wide variety of features. They include the option for either landline or cellular connectivity. They also offer home automation, video surveillance, environmental protection detection, motion sensors that are pet-friendly, and door and window sensors. With their app, you can also access your system from remote locations.

Envision Security offers home automation, pet-friendly motion sensors, door and window entry sensors, a touchscreen keypad, and a key chain remote. Video surveillance and video doorbell viewers are also available. They also offer signage as well.


ADT requires either a two year or three-year contract when new customers sign up.

Envision Security requires a 3-year contract.


ADT offers a 6-month, money back guarantee with all of their packages. ADT's Basic Security package starts at $27.99 per month. The Basic Security with Equipment Services costs $36.99 per month. Basic Security +Wireless Connect starts at $48.99 per month. The last two, the ADT Pulse Monitoring and the ADT Pulse Monitoring + Video cost $52.99 and $58.99 per month respectively.

While Envision does not disclose what their upfront fees are, their monthly prices range from $45 to $59.99 depending on what features you choose.


ADT offers a full-line of devices for customers to choose from. In addition to their video surveillance cameras and video doorbell viewers, they also offer environmental sensors, motion detectors, entry sensors, a touchscreen keypad, base unit, and keychain remote. They also have an app that allows you to connect with your system when you're away.

Envision Security offers a base unit, entry sensors, motion detectors, and a variety of other devices that can be included to upgrade their system. They also offer smart devices that will connect with your home automation platforms.


Both companies require professional installation for both initial installations and if you move to a new location.

Emergency Connections

Both ADT and Envision Security offer professional monitoring that will notify the authorities if an alert is triggered. Numbers on your contact list will also be notified.

Summary: ADT vs Envision Security

ADT is an excellent choice for the homeowner who wants top of the line home security and doesn't mind paying for it.

Envision Security is a good choice for residents who live within their coverage area and don't plan on moving. The level of security offered is comparable to the costs.

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