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ADT and Deep Sentinel home security systems are considered to be some of the more expensive and more thorough systems on the market. While they are both professionally monitored systems, they are dramatically different in how they keep your home and family secure. While ADT relies on multiple devices and a professionally installed/monitored system, Deep Sentinel uses continually monitored outdoor security cameras and predictive Artificial Intelligence to prevent intruders from gaining access to your property at all.

Overview: ADT vs Deep Sentinel

ADT and Deep Sentinel home security systems use state of the art technology to monitor and secure your property 24-hours a day. ADT uses a variety of devices to secure your home inside and out, providing full home automation as well as two-way communication between you and whoever may be at your home. Deep Sentinel uses outdoor surveillance cameras equipped with two-way communication to identify and communicate with anyone who visits your property. With their predictive software constant human monitoring of their system, they can identify potential threats before they become a problem.

  • Both offer two-way voice communication
  • ADT uses entry and motion sensors
  • Deep Sentinel uses 24-hour, eyes on surveillance at all times
  • Both require a contract
  • Both are considered to be high-end in terms of price

Similarities: Deep Sentinel vs ADT

ADT and Deep Sentinel are similar in that they are two of the more expensive systems available. Both also use video surveillance cameras that are equipped with two-way voice communication that allows for instant connection between you and whoever is at your home. Both systems also offer an app that allows you to view your home at any time.

  • 24-hour professional monitoring
  • Two-way communication that allows you to verify the intentions of visitors
  • High-resolution outdoor video surveillance cameras
  • Professional installation is required
  • Mobile apps that give you immediate access from anywhere

Differences: Deep Sentinel vs ADT

The primary differences between ADT and Deep Sentinel involve how ADT acts when an alert is triggered and Deep Sentinel's use of Artificial Intelligence. With AI and the constant vigilance of someone having eyes on your property at all time, Deep Sentinel works by being proactive. This is how they prevent false alarms and can keep intrusions from occurring. There are no devices to be triggered, just constant video surveillance of the property and communication with anyone who attempts to make an entrance.

  • Deep Sentinel eliminates false alarms
  • ADT requires a longer contract period
  • Deep Sentinel provides 24-hour “eyes on” surveillance at all times
  • ADT offers full home automation
  • Deep Sentinel relies on predictive software to prevent intrusions before they occur


ADT offers full home automation, pet-friendly motion sensors, environmental sensors, entry sensors, video doorbell viewer, and a mobile app that allows you to view your home anytime, anywhere. ADT offers both landline and cellular connectivity.

Deep Sentinel offers outdoor surveillance cameras that are equipped with two-way voice communication. Cameras are monitored by people who have “eyes on” your property at all times. The Artificial Intelligence software they use can predict intrusions and call authorities before the situation gets out of hand. They also offer a mobile app for immediate connectivity.


ADT users can choose a 2- or 3-year contract option.

Deep Sentinel requires a one-year contract/commitment.


ADT prices range from $28 per month to $59 per month, depending on what package you choose.

Deep Sentinel requires that you purchase the starter kit for $499. The monthly subscription price is $50 per month.


ADT offers multiple devices that include entry sensors for windows and doors, video cameras equipped with motion detectors, environmental sensors that detect fire, water, and flood damage, as well as various devices that are used to provide full home automation.

Deep Sentinel's equipment offerings include the hub, high-resolution video cameras, wall mounts, signage, and rechargeable batteries.


Both companies require professional installation.

Emergency Connections

ADT offers both cellular and landline connectivity for maximum effectiveness. Alerts trigger an immediate response and EMS teams are dispatched to the address. Notifications are then sent via email or text to the subscriber's contacts.

Deep Sentinel's highly trained staff visually monitor your property at all times. If suspicious activity is detected, the authorities are notified in as little as 30 seconds. Notifications will also be sent to the subscriber.

Summary: ADT vs Deep Sentinel

ADT is designed for individuals who prefer to have the more traditional devices associated with a home security system, including the home automation option. More information on this found in our review of ADT.

Deep Sentinel is best suited for individuals who want the most advanced technology that works proactively, identifying threats and eliminating them before they can become a problem.