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ADT is a nationwide home security company that is well-known for its comprehensive list of services and top of the line equipment. Central Security Group has a limited service area that extends down the eastern coast and throughout the southern portion of the United States.

Overview: Central Security Group vs ADT

ADT offers a more comprehensive list of features and equipment for customers located throughout the country. Central Security Group offers effective home protection and state of the art equipment but customers must remain within the limited service area to maintain their contract.

  • Central Security Group is not available to renters
  • ADT offers nationwide service and will relocate along with the customer
  • Varying degrees of home automation
  • Both companies offer control of the system with a smartphone app

Similarities: ADT vs Central Security Group

ADT and Central Security offer a wide range of services and features that are both reasonably priced and effective. Each company brings to the table many years of experience and professional service in terms of both installation and monitoring.

  • Requires 3-year contracts
  • Reasonably priced for the number of services and quality of the equipment being offered
  • Professional installation
  • Qualifies for insurance incentives
  • Home automation options

Differences: ADT vs Central Security Group

ADTs services are available to renters as well as homeowners. Central Security Group only serves homeowners and charges moving fees if the customer moves from one location to another. ADT's contract terms are much clearer and more transparent than those of Central Security Group.

  • Central Security Group has a limited service area
  • ADT can be used by both homeowners and renters alike
  • ADT's system and contract moves along with the customer without hidden fees
  • Central Security Group offers a payout to customers if a theft occurs on their watch
  • ADT offers detailed information on each of their packages, Consumer Security Group not so much


ADT offers both landline and cellular connectivity. Their motion sensors are pet-friendly and their medical alert pendants work both at home and while you're away. ADT offers environmental sensors and home automation features, as well as indoor and outdoor video surveillance.

Central Security Group offers video monitoring, home automation, energy management, Alert 360, and remote access through smartphone and Apple apps. There are many different package options to choose from, depending on which features you choose. CSG offers 24/7 monitoring to existing home security systems if they are already in place.


Both companies require a 3-year contract for service. ADT offers a six-month, money back guarantee as long as the equipment is returned within that time frame.


ADT offers four different packages. They do not require an installation fee to start service. Package prices range from $37 a month for the basic package and $53 per month for the most expensive selection. ADT also offers monitoring options for other home security systems starting at $20 per month.

Central Security Group does not have a specific price list per package, but it is estimated that the average monthly cost will range between $40 and $80 per month, with the home automation packages being the most expensive. Starting costs can range anywhere from $199 to $399 depending on the type of package you choose.


Each ADT package comes with signage, backup battery, pushbutton or touchscreen control panel, keychain remote, three door/window sensors, infrared motion sensor, and a siren. ADT also offers indoor/outdoor surveillance cameras and a video doorbell viewer with two-way communication.

Although it is unclear what's included in Central Security Group's packages, they offer indoor/outdoor video cameras, thermostats, entry sensors, and various other pieces of equipment in addition to the control panel and signage.


Both companies offer professional installation. Neither allows for do-it-yourself options.

Emergency Connections

ADT service can run off of either landline or cellular connectivity. ADT will send notifications to both you and emergency response personnel in the event of an emergency.

Central Security Group offers cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity. No landline is needed. Cellular connectivity allows them to remain in contact with both you as well as emergency response personnel.

Summary: Central Security Group vs ADT

ADT is a great choice for homeowners who want professional service on all levels and are willing to pay for it. Their service is nationwide and can be relocated to almost anywhere in the United States. ADT also offers medical alert options for customers who need them.

Central Security Group is a good choice for homeowners who live within their service areas and don't plan on moving. Although the company isn't as transparent as it should be it does carry an A+ rating with the BBB and affordable pricing for the services it offers.

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