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ADT and American Defense Systems are at both ends of the spectrum when it comes to time in business. ADT has been a trusted name in home security for several decades while American Defense Systems has been around for less than 20 years. ADT uses devices that bear the ADT name, while American Defense Systems is an authorized dealer for Monitronics. They also offer a wide selection of devices from a number of other home security companies.

Overview: ADT vs American Defense Systems

Both ADT and American Defense Systems require contracts and professional installation. Each company offers a security review to help you identify potential risks and choose the right package to meet your individual needs. The devices offered by each company are high quality and designed to be both durable and effective. American Defense Systems/Monitronics is an industry leader and is comparable in price to ADT's products and services.

  • Multiple package options and comparable pricing
  • Contract terms are normally for 3-years
  • ADT offers nationwide service
  • American Defense Systems offer services to 30 states
  • Both companies require professional installation

Similarities: American Defense Systems vs ADT

Both ADT and American Defense Systems offer many of the traditional devices most homeowners are looking for. Environmental sensors, motion detectors, smart locks, video surveillance equipment, garage door sensors, and home automation are just a few of the features both companies offer to their subscribers. Also included is professional service in terms of installation and third-party monitoring.

  • Touchscreen keypads are a standard option for both companies
  • Two-way communication is also available
  • Both companies offer full home automation capabilities
  • Remote access can be achieved through the use of a mobile app or key chain remote
  • Multiple package options for every home security need

Differences: American Defense Systems vs ADT

ADT and American Defense Systems are reliable systems that offer effective home security options for homeowners. One of the biggest limitations for American Defense Systems is that they are limited to servicing only 30 states while ADT offers nationwide coverage. ADT also owns the equipment that bears its name. American Defense Systems is an authorized dealer for Monitronics and other home security systems.

  • ADT is completely transparent in terms of packages and prices
  • American Defense Systems offer multiple packages but only offer a few prices on their website
  • ADT offers a six-month money back guarantee
  • American Defense Systems offers solar panels
  • American Defense System offers 0% financing with professional installation of one of their systems


ADT offers a comprehensive list of features that many homeowners look for in a home security system. This includes smart locks, indoor/outdoor video surveillance, entry sensors for both doors and windows, motion detection, environmental hazard protection, and glass break sensors. Professional monitoring is also offered.

American Defense Systems also offers an extensive list of features that includes environmental hazard detection, motion detection, indoor/outdoor video cameras, glass break and motion sensors, and full home automation.  The system also offers light and thermostat controls as well.


Both ADT and American Defense Systems require three-year or 36-month contracts.


ADT's pricing is affordable if you consider everything you get in the packages that are offered. The Basic offering costs approximately $27.99 a month. The most expensive plan is the ADT Pulse Monitoring + Video package that costs $58.99. There are three other packages that fall between those price points offering a wide range of devices and features. Activation/installation costs $99 upfront.

American Defense Systems offers 0% financing for equipment that is requested with a three-year contract. The lowest price offering is $25 per month with the highest being $39.99 a month.


ADT offers several pieces of equipment in addition to their touchscreen keypad. They also include entry sensors, motion detectors, a base unit, indoor/outdoor video cameras, and environmental sensors. They also offer smart locks, a key chain for remote connectivity and devices that allow for full home automation.

American Defense Systems is an authorized dealer for Monitronics. They offer a comprehensive list of Monitronics devices including solar panels, entry sensors, garage door sensors, environmental sensors, smart thermostats, and smart locks. Their system is designed to support home automation on many different levels.


Both systems are designed to be professionally installed after a thorough home security review has been performed.

Emergency Connections

Each system is professionally monitored and has the capability of notifying both the homeowner and emergency response teams if an alert is triggered. Notifications are also sent to numbers on the homeowner's contact list.

Summary: ADT vs American Defense Systems

ADT is the “go to” home security company for anyone who wants a trusted name with a powerful reputation for effective results.

American Defense Systems is an excellent choice if you like Monitronics equipment and are looking for an affordable price. You will also have to live within their service area.

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