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ADT and Alder home security companies are comparable in price and features. The main differences between the two have to do with installation and transparency. ADT requires professional installation, while Alder offers do-it-yourself installation. Alder has also had issues in the past concerning misrepresentation.

Overview: ADT vs Alder

ADT and Alder offer comparable features and pricing that is competitive for the level of service being offered. ADT has a more comprehensive list of features. The features offered by Alder may be somewhat limited, especially in terms of home automation, but still meet or exceed industry standards.

  • Alder home security is compatible with Amazon Echo
  • ADT requires professional installation
  • Alder is somewhat limited in terms of home automation
  • Both companies offer remote access
  • Alder boasts response times that exceeds industry standards

Similarities: Alder vs ADT

ADT and Alder offer many of the same services and features including indoor cameras, wireless equipment, and medical alert pendants. With competitive pricing and service options, both companies meet or exceed industry standards in terms of the level of protection they offer.

  • 3-year contracts are required
  • Indoor cameras are optional with both companies
  • Video doorbells
  • Medical alert monitoring
  • Environmental protection
  • Professional monitoring

Differences: Alder vs ADT

While ADT and Alder have many similarities, their differences are significant. Both are strong competitors in terms of the quality and effectiveness of the equipment that's offered. ADT, however, has the advantage in terms of features and services.

  • ADT offers full home automation
  • Alder offers do-it-yourself installation
  • ADT offers landline connectivity in addition to its cellular option
  • ADT offers a smart thermostat
  • Alder is well-known for its fast and efficient emergency response time
  • Alder has a limited service area


ADT offers both landline and cellular connectivity options. They also provide pet-friendly motion sensors, medical alert pendants, video surveillance (indoor/outdoor), and home automation. You can also include a video doorbell viewer with two-way voice communication.

Alder home security offers cellular connectivity, motion sensors, entry sensors, indoor surveillance, medical alert pendants, and limited home automation. The system is compatible with the Amazon Echo platform. The Adler system also is set up with remote capabilities.


Both companies require a 3-year contract. ADT offers a six-month, money back guarantee as long as all of the equipment is returned within the allotted time frame.


ADTs packages require a $125 start-up fee. The Traditional package costs approximately $29 a month. The Control package costs $37 per month. The most expensive package is the Video which costs approximately $53 per month.

Alder packages start at $35 per month and go up from there depending on the number of devices and the level of service required. There are no upfront fees to start service.


ADT retains ownership of all its equipment. In addition to the video doorbell, ADT offers infrared motion sensors, indoor/outdoor cameras, entry sensors, sirens, backup battery, signage, and environmental sensors. They also offer a variety of smart home devices that allow for full home automation.

Alder equipment includes door sensors, doorbell security cameras, environmental sensors, glass break sensors, indoor cameras, window sensors, and smart door locks. Additional equipment can be added as desired.


ADT requires professional installation.

Alder offers do-it-yourself installation and setup. Both processes take less than 30 minutes to complete.

Emergency Connections

ADT offers both cellular and landline emergency connectivity. It's 24/7 monitoring service will notify the proper authorities, as well as the customer, in the event that a break-in or other emergency situation occurs.

The Alder home security system uses cellular service and can connect with emergency responders when 24/7 monitoring services are in place.

Summary: ADT vs Alder

ADT is the best choice for individuals who don't mind paying extra for top of the line service. Although they have had customer service issues in the past, ADT is available nationwide and offers a comprehensive list of features. It will also relocate with the consumer without having to cancel service.

Alder is competitively priced and a good deal for homeowners who like the convenience of do-it-yourself installation and professional monitoring. It does have a limited service area, however, so it will work best for those who don't plan on moving.

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