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ADT and Abode are home security systems that span both ends of the spectrum in terms of professional installation and contracts. They meet in the middle in terms of features and service both providing high-quality equipment and 24/7 monitoring.

Overview: ADT vs Abode

ADT is considered to be a more “high-end” home security system. It costs more and customers are required to deal with professional technicians for installation and changes in equipment. Abode, on the other hand, is a simple do-it-yourself system that requires very little in terms of professional contact.

  • ADT requires professional installation
  • Both ADT and Abode can be used by homeowners and renters
  • Abode does not require a lengthy contract
  • Abode equipment is owned by the consumer
  • Similar features and equipment

Similarities: Abode vs ADT

Both ADT and Abode are wireless systems that offer state of the art equipment and effective home security. Both offer a variety of features and services, including home automation and cellular emergency connectivity that allows for both local authorities and those on the customer's contact list to be notified if an emergency occurs.

  • Indoor/outdoor cameras for surveillance
  • Home automation
  • Environmental hazard protection
  • 100% wireless equipment
  • Cellular connectivity
  • Remote access

Differences: Abode vs ADT

ADT is a more professional home security that requires a technician to come to your home to install it. Abode does not require professional installation, nor do customers have to sign a long-term contract. The ownership of the equipment is also different with each company since ADT retains full ownership and equipment from Abode is owned by the customer.

  • ADT requires both professional installation and a long-term contract
  • Abode does not require professional monitoring
  • ADT does not sell their equipment
  • Abode is compatible with both Alexa and Nest platforms
  • ADT offers the option of a landline connection


ADT offers a video doorbell viewer with two-way voice communication, indoor/outdoor cameras, environmental hazard protection, and full home automation. The ADT system also includes GPS-enabled medical alert devices that can be used from almost any location.

Abode's hub can connect with up to 160 devices, including both Nest and Alexa platforms for full home automation. Video surveillance and remote operation of the system are available through the mobile app that can be downloaded to either tablets or smartphones.


ADT requires a 3-year contract to begin service. Customers receive a 6-month, money back guarantee. Because ADT offers nationwide service, the contract and equipment follow the customer to their new location if they choose to move.

Abode does not require any type of contract.


The initial cost for each of ADT's packages is $125. ADT has three main packages that range in price from $29 to $53 per month. They also offer the option for customers who have home security systems from other companies to choose ADT's professional monitoring service for $19 per month.

The Abode starter kit ranges in price from $199 to $329, depending on where you purchase it from and if there are discounts available. Abode's equipment is designed to be compatible with equipment from other platforms and manufacturers so you can build your own system around the basic starter kit. If professional monitoring is chosen, it averages approximately $20 per month.


The equipment in ADT's comprehensive inventory includes medical alert pendant, keychain remote, video doorbell viewer, indoor/outdoor cameras, motion sensors, environmental hazard detectors, entry sensors for both doors and windows. ADT also includes signage that consists of a small yard sign and window stickers.

Abode's equipment list includes high-resolution cameras with built-in motion sensors, entry sensors, key fob, and a hub that can connect with up to 160 devices.


ADT requires that a certified technician come to your home and install your home security system. This professional installation is part of their overall package and ensures that the entire system is properly placed and set up to provide maximum protection.

Abode is a do-it-yourself home security system that is both easy to install and convenient to set up. The entire process takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

Emergency Connections

Both ADT and Abode operate using cellular connectivity. While ADT includes professional monitoring as part of their contract. Abode customers can choose either option. Professional monitoring means that both contact numbers and local authorities will be notified if an emergency occurs. If Abode customers choose to self-monitor their system, it will be up to them to notify the proper authorities if something is amiss.

Summary: ADT vs Abode

ADT is the go-to choice for customers who want the best home security service possible and are willing to pay a little extra for the convenience.

Abode is a quality system that will work for customers who want a more simplistic system with full ownership and no contract for monitoring.

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