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Abode and Vivint offer similar services and many of the same devices. The cost of each company's services, however, are dramatically different. This is partly due to Vivint maintaining ownership of their equipment and only charging a monthly monitoring fee. Abode's DIY options make it popular with both homeowners and renters.

Overview: Vivint vs Abode

Abode and Vivint offer technologically advanced devices that are easy to use and reliable. Vivint does, however, require professional installation. Both companies offer the convenience of a remote mobile app that can be downloaded on smartphones and tablets.

  • No contracts
  • Vivint customers can finance their equipment for ownership if they have a credit score of 600 or higher
  • Mobile apps
  • Abode can pair with both Nest and Alexa platforms
  • Indoor/outdoor cameras

Similarities: Vivint vs Abode

Both companies offer reasonable monthly rates in terms of 24/7 monitoring. Additional devices can be added with each home security system that allows for home automation and remote connectivity. The indoor/outdoor cameras for both companies are good quality and provide high-resolution video and still images.

  • Home automation
  • Indoor/outdoor cameras
  • Remote access with a mobile app
  • Equipment is 100% wireless
  • Cellular connectivity

Differences: Abode vs Vivint

The biggest differences between the two companies have to do with contracts and installation. Although both companies allow for customers to own their systems, Vivint customers must have a credit score of 600 or higher to qualify for their financing program.

  • Abode does not require a combination
  • Vivint's contracts range from 4- to 5-years in length
  • Vivint requires professional installation (same day installation)
  • Abode systems can be self-monitored
  • Abode allows for its equipment to be purchased outright


Vivint's features include a doorbell camera, indoor/outdoor cameras, customizable remote, Nest thermostat, and voice-activated home automation that can be used to control multiple devices. You can also add a smart lock for entry doors and a garage door controller.

In addition to the remote mobile app, Abode also offers high-resolution indoor/outdoor cameras, home automation, and a hub that can connect with up to 160 devices. The system can integrate with both Alexa and Nest platforms for added convenience. Because of its cellular connectivity, you can choose between professional monitoring and self-monitoring.


Abode does not require any type of a contract and offers a month to month plan for its 24/7 monitoring service.

Vivint requires a contract of either 4- or 5-years. The term of the contract depends mostly on whether or not the equipment is being financed. The trial period may be shorter than most, so it's important to ask if that is a primary concern.


The cost for Abode's Smart Security kit averages around $200. You can choose to stay with the Smart Security kit or you can purchase a variety of other devices separately. Monitoring costs $20 a month or $200 a year.

Unless you choose to purchase Vivint's equipment, your monthly Flex costs for monitoring will be $29.99 for the Smart Security Service plan and $39.99 for the Smart Home Service plan. The company does offer finance plans if you qualify.


The Abode home security system includes the main hub, a key fob for remote access, security cameras that have built-in motion sensors, and a single entry sensor for a door or window.

Vivint packages include a control panel, motion detector, entry sensors, and environmental sensors. Home automation and indoor/outdoor cameras are sold separately, but can be included with any package. All Vivint equipment comes with a lifetime warranty.


Abode is installed by the homeowner or renter. Installation is simple and does not require any tools to complete. Both installation and setup take less than an hour to complete.

Vivint requires professional installation and isn't always the best choice for renters who move frequently. They do offer same day installation at initial sign-up.

Emergency Connections

Both Vivint and Abode offer cellular connectivity. The cell service allows local authorities to be notified as well as all of the numbers on the owner's contact list.

Summary: Abode vs Vivint

The Abode home security system will work well for homeowners or renters who want to take control of their own system. There are no contracts to worry about and the equipment is owned by the customer,

Vivint is a prime home security service but can be rather costly. It's a great choice for homeowners who don't mind the lengthy contract and expect professional service all the way around.

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