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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Abode.

SecureScore™: 7.7/10

Abode and SmartThings home security systems offer do-it-yourself options by companies that offer top of the line equipment. Abode is one of the newest of the home security companies, but it offers many of the same features and services as older systems. SmartThings is manufactured by Samsung and uses ADT for monitoring and support. While most ADT systems require professional monitoring and installation, SmartThings is geared toward the do-it-yourself homeowner/renter who prefers to do things on their own.

Overview: Abode vs SmartThings

Both Abode and SmartThings offer advanced home automation as part of their home security platforms. Abode uses Z-Wave technology which allows for customizable notifications and alerts. SmartThings integrates easily with other home automation devices. Combined with ADT's 24/7 professional monitoring, it offers the best of both worlds. Although Abode is rather new to the industry, it too combines 24/7 professional monitoring with an extensive offering of home automation devices. Both companies include many of the more traditional sensors along with the option to self-monitor and pay for month to month service.

  • Entry and motion sensors
  • No contracts or service agreements
  • Option for self-monitoring and installation
  • Abode offers “on-demand” monitoring for short periods of time
  • Both systems work well for renters

Similarities: SmartThings vs Abode

Abode and SmartThings are both heavily into home automation, but they provide many of the more traditional devices as well. Entry sensors, motion detectors, and a convenient mobile app make it easy to protect your home. In addition to the more traditional devices, you can add third-party devices as well, including home automation items like thermostats and light sensors.

  • Both offer the choice of professional or self-monitoring
  • No professional installation is required
  • Environmental sensors are offered as add-ons
  • Mobile apps for added convenience
  • Slightly more expensive than most DIY systems

Differences: SmartThings vs Abode

Even though Abode is newer to the business than SmartThings, there are many more add-on devices to choose from. SmartThings kit is fairly basic, but with the add-on items, you can create a fairly in-depth home automation system. Abode offers a 30-day return policy, while SmartThings has a shorter than the normal warranty period.

  • SmartThings is backed by ADT
  • Abode's home automation platform works with several different third-party systems
  • SmartThings offers increased flexibility when it comes to plans and devices
  • Abode allows you to turn on the professional monitoring for a few days compared to an entire month
  • SmartThings offers contracts by the month


Abode's features include extensive home automation, traditional devices, environmental sensors, Z-Wave technology, mobile apps, glass break technology, and the Abode cam for video surveillance.

SmartThings also offers the traditional entry sensors, home automation technology, a mobile app, intrusion detection, and a panic alert. The system is designed to integrate easily with devices from other systems.


Abode does not require a contract of any kind.

SmartThings offers month to month contracts without a long-term commitment.


Abode's Starter kit ranges in price from $199 to $329 depending on where you purchase it and if there is a sale. Additional devices can be also be purchased. Abode offers a variety of monitoring plans, including their top plan for $20 a month or $200 for the year. If you only want professional monitoring for a few days, you can choose three days for $8 or a week for $15.

The SmartThings Starter kit has a starting price of $549 with additional devices being purchased separately. There are three primary packages starting with the ADT Home & Life Safety Monitoring for $14.99 a month. The ADT Home Security Monitoring plan costs $24.99 a month. The ADT Total Security Bundle is the most expensive at $34.99 per month.


Abode's equipment includes entry sensors, motion sensors, and a hub. You can add glass break sensors, environmental sensors, home automation devices, and the Abode video camera. Their full list of devices is extensive.

Equipment offerings by SmartThings include the hub, motion sensors, entry sensors, home automation devices, and a wide selection of other items from ADT that can be included with any of their package offerings.


Both companies offer do-it-yourself installation with easy to follow instructions.

Emergency Connections

Abode offers both self-monitoring and professional monitoring. You can customize your alerts and notifications. If professional monitoring is chosen, alerts will be sent to the homeowner/renter as soon as emergency personnel are dispatched to the location.

SmartThings can be monitored by the homeowner/renter or professional monitoring can be set up. If professional monitoring is chosen, EMS personnel will be dispatched if an alert is received. Notifications will also be sent to the subscriber.

Summary: Abode vs SmartThings

Abode is a great choice for a homeowner or renter who wants to have all the options ranging from devices to do-it-yourself or professional services.

SmartThings is a good choice if you want options to choose from backed up by the ADT brand.