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Between these two security systems, our favorite is Abode.

SecureScore™: 7.7/10

Abode and iSmartAlarm both have solid reputations when it comes to effective home security systems. They offer high-quality devices without the hassle of contracts or professional requirements. iSmartAlarm offers excellent customer service, while Abode is known for its extremely flexible monitoring plans. While the upfront costs are slightly higher than other home security plans, the features that Abode and iSmartAlarm offer make them worth the price.

Overview: Abode vs iSmartAlarm

Abode and iSmartAlarm are well-designed home security systems that are compatible with a variety of smart devices from other companies. Both are fairly no-nonsense in terms of being easy to use and self-monitoring. They allow you to choose how you want to set up your home security, if and when you want to have it professionally monitored, and a selection of items that can be included in your system.

  • No contracts
  • No professional installation
  • Works well for both homeowners and renters
  • Relocation is easy
  • 100% wireless equipment

Similarities: iSmartAlarm vs Abode

Abode and iSmartAlarm offer a variety of devices and features that provide an effective layer of security to protect your home and family. Both offer cameras, motion detectors, entry sensors, and mobile apps that allow for constant monitoring. Neither company requires third-party monitoring, although it is an option for those who decide to purchase it. Both systems are well-designed and easy to use. They are also easy to install and set up.

  • Home automation options
  • Third-party monitoring is available
  • Wireless systems
  • Mobile apps
  • Better than average customer service

Differences: iSmartAlarm vs Abode

The biggest differences between Abode and iSmartAlarm have to do with professional monitoring and a wide range of prices and the number of packages offered by each company. Abode allows you to choose professional monitoring on a month-to-month basis or for as little as three to seven days. When it comes to pricing and packages, iSmartAlarm offers a larger selection. The cameras offered by each company are also slightly different.

  • Abode allows you to customize your professional monitoring
  • iSmartAlarm only offers one package with an iCamera
  • iSmartAlarm offers the Smart Switch that allows you to turn lights on and off remotely
  • Abode pairs well with a wide variety of smart devices for at least partial home automation
  • Abode offers cloud storage options


Abode offers the ability to connect to over 160 devices for full home automation. The cameras they offer can be used indoors and provide high-quality images. A downloadable app allows you to control your system remotely and is compatible with both Android and iOS systems. Cloud storage is also optional.

The iSmartAlarm system offers the Spot camera that has night vision and two-way communication. They also offer the iCamera as well. They have both entry sensors and motion sensors as well that will sound an alarm if triggered. A downloadable app is also available that allows you to manage your system remotely.


Neither company requires a contract or service agreement.


Abode Kits range in price from $199 to $329. You can add devices from both Nest as well as the Alexa platform. When it comes to professional monitoring, you can pay for 3 days ($8), 7 days ($15), or $20 a month for long-term monitoring.

The iSmartAlarm packages start at $199 for the Preferred plan and can go as high as $499 for the Shield. The others include the Deluxe ($249.95), the Premium ($349.00), the Guard ($299.00), and the Protect for $399.00). Devices that can be purchased separately include the Spot for $129.00, the Satellite Siren for $39.99, the iCamera KEEP for $149.99, and the Smart Switch for $39.99.


With the Abode system, you receive the hub, a key fob, one entry sensor that can be used for a door or window, and a security camera with a motion sensor that is built in. There are other devices that can be purchased separately. You can also purchase the iota system which is an all-in-one security solution.

The equipment you receive with your iSmartAlarm system will depend on the package you purchase. They all will include the CubeOne, at least 2 contact/entry sensors, at least one motion sensor, and at least two remote tags. The Premium package includes an iCamera.


Both Abode and iSmartAlarm are designed to be set up by the homeowner/renter.

Emergency Connections

The only package offered by Abode that offers emergency connectivity with a professional monitoring center is the Connect + Secure package. Other packages are self-monitored and connect you to the system with the smartphone app.

The iSmartAlarm is completely self-monitored. It is up to you to notify the authorities if a breach occurs.

Summary: Abode vs iSmartAlarm

Abode is the best choice for homeowners/renters who want the convenience of professional monitoring when they need it, even if it's only for a few days a month.

iSmartAlarm is a good choice for homeowners who want a variety of packages to choose from without the expense of a month-to-month monitoring plan.

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