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Abode bills itself as a do-it-yourself home security solution. And, for that, it’s a good choice for a variety of reasons. The company is direct – it has no contracts and offers a straightforward home security solution. The company’s products are well designed and numerous options exist.

One of the key features that makes Abode stand out is that it does not require a monthly fee for monitoring. That’s important to note because this isn’t a part of the package. If you want to handle your own monitoring, then this works well. If you want a professional to be able to help you, on the other hand, you’ll need to upgrade.

Nevertheless, Abode is a top-notch system with a variety of features including advanced home security and home automation features. Though there is plenty to like about this system, it offers some distinct differences to competitor products. If you are looking for an alternative, consider these options as some of the top alternatives.

1. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe has long been considered one of the most affordable of home security systems, which can give Abode a run for its money. Both companies are DIY installation options. Both offer cellular and wireless connectivity. Additionally, both offer a variety of features and advanced tech to help you stay connected. Abode and SimpliSafe provide several package options that can include motion sensors for windows and doors, sirens, and remote alarms.

There are differences here. SimpliSafe doesn’t have the home automation tools of Abode. In addition, if you are already using Z-Wave smart home devices, SimpliSafe will not work with them. When it comes to costs, Abode’s systems begin at around $279. With its free monitoring plan, you can add as many as 155 devices and 100 automation features. Remember, there’s no monitoring there, though. For professional monitoring, you’ll pay $30 a month. SimpliSafe’s products are less expensive with packages starting at $199. There’s a $14.99 monthly fee which provides you with full professional monitoring.

With this comparison, it really comes down to monitoring. If you plan to purchase it, SimpliSafe tends to be the more affordable option overall.

2. Frontpoint

Frontpoint is a leading home security company for a reason. It offers some of the highest end equipment including HD video and home automation solutions. Both companies offer a few key advantages including being DIY products. They are also both fully wireless, making them reliable and easy to set up. However, both companies also offer cellular connectivity. That means if the power goes off, you still have the ability to remain connected.

From there, there are a few key differences in these home security systems. For example, Abode allows the consumer to self-monitoring. That means you do not have to purchase professional monitoring if you do not want to. Frontpoint includes 24/7 professional monitoring.

The equipment differs a bit, too. First, at Abode, you own your equipment, and that means you choose what you need, pay for it, and use it. With Frontpoint, you don’t have to pay for your equipment up front, which can be a nice cost-saving feature for those just getting started. Abode’s equipment also has a few advanced features such as motion sensors that are embedded in the cameras. Frontpoints equipment is advanced and well-built as well.

3. Brinks

Brinks is a top-notch home security company with a wide range of features to offer homeowners. Like with Abode, its system is designed to include home automation and some of the most advanced equipment available. Brinks uses Nest home security equipment, which is highly intuitive and easy to use. Both companies offer wireless and cellular backup for security. The company’s systems are designed to be durable with most expected features such as indoor and outdoor cameras.

Brinks does have a full monitoring service as a part of its package. While Abode does not require this, Brink’s systems cost $29 to $39 per month (depending on whether you want video as well). Brinks does not charge an upfront fee for its equipment. That’s a nice benefit for those who want an easy way to get started. The Abode system, on the other hand, has packages starting at $279.

Both companies offer home automation features, though it is possible to say the Brinks equipment (from Nest) may be more advanced than others. Brinks works with Alexa and Z-Wave tech as well. It’s possible to add on a wide range of additional features with both systems.