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Travis Goodreau
8.7 SecureScore™
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Amazon Cloud Cam Ratings

As an Amazon product, many would suspect that the Amazon Cloud Cam is a solid choice. It can be, depending on what you are looking for in a security camera. This camera offers a number of key advantages for homeowners looking for low cost and easy to use security they can control. Before you choose to buy it, though, take a closer look at the features it offers.

  • Good quality video and live feed
  • Affordable
  • Free 24-hour clip storage to review motions
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Good quality night vision
  • Customizable motion detection

  • Only Amazon cloud subscribers can set motion zones and receive person alerts
  • No continuous recording
  • No local microSD card storage


The Amazon Cloud Cam is an easy to use and affordable indoor home security camera. As one of the most affordable of options, it is a good buy for those aiming for an affordable option. However, it does have limits, and some features may not make it ideal for everyone looking for home security. Unlike other products, it does provide some free storage. A key feature that makes it a bit less beneficial, though, is that some features are only available to those who are subscribers to the cloud storage, including setting motion detection zones.

Features & Technology

The technology in the Amazon Cloud Cam is well-designed. Overall, it is very reliable and easy to use, though some may report it is a bit too sensitive in terms of picking up and reporting too many movements. Still, for those looking for an affordable indoor home security camera that offers good video, this is a good choice.

High-Quality Video

The Amazon Cloud Cam features 1080p Full HD video quality. This includes providing a live stream. Users can also download and share the last 24 hours of motion alerts they receive. The product comes with this service free.

Night Vision

Unlike other indoor cameras, the Amazon Cloud Cam offers support for nighttime vision. Individuals can turn the lights off and head to bed knowing the camera is still working well. It is possible to turn the night vision on and off using the app for the product. This gives users a lot of flexibility in using it.


As an Amazon product, the home security camera is Alexa-enabled. That means users can ask other devices, such as the Amazon Fire TV, Echo Show, Echo Spot, or the Fire Tablet to display the live feed on the device. For those who want to see what is happening in another room while watching their Fire TV, it takes just a voice command to make it possible.

Two-Way Audio

For those instances when you need to communicate to whoever is on the other side of the camera, the device makes that possible. The two-way audio allows you to communicate through the device while watching the video.

Reliable Notifications

One of the nice features the Amazon Cloud Cam provides is reliability in receiving updates and alerts. When there is any motion detected within the detection zones, the camera automatically sends a notification to the mobile app. Again, it is also possible to simply log into the app and get a live view of what is happening or to take a look back at the motion clips on the app for the last 24 hours.

Cloud Cam Plans

One of the drawbacks of the Amazon Cloud Cam is that it does not provide ongoing monitoring. However, those who wish to upgrade to the Cloud Cam plans may be able to get even more functionality out of the device. With the plan, users gain several features. This includes intelligent alerts, such as people recognition tools. It also allows you to set up motion zones, so it does not detect some areas you do not want monitoring for. For example, you can set up a motion zone that doesn’t pick up the dog that sleeps in a kennel. And, with this upgrade, users also get to see up to 30 days of video history.

Ease of Use

Overall, the Amazon Cloud Cam is easy to use. It only takes a few minutes to unbox it and set it up. The device’s app is pretty easy to use as well. Once in place, you can use it to look back over the last 24 hours or to communicate. The entire process is rather straightforward. Some users report connectivity issues to start with, but with some tech backup, it works just fine and very reliably. This is a do-it-yourself system.

Customer Service

The Amazon Cloud Cam is easy enough to install, though some people report having to contact customer service in order to get the system setup properly. Overall, Amazon has a Better Business Bureau rating of a B+, which is good for a large company. Keep in mind, this rating includes all of the services Amazon offers and few specific complaints about the Cloud Cam were noted.


The Amazon Cloud Cam is priced at $119. Users can also buy a two-pack for $239.98 or a three-pack for $359.97. Discounts tend to be available from time to time, keeping costs low. For those who purchase a second or third camera, the app allows you to simply swipe to move from one camera to the next on the app. Additionally, users can choose from three plans for Cloud Cam storage. The Basic plan provides cloud storage for seven days for up to three cameras. The Extended Plan offers look back storage for up to 14 days with room for five cameras. And, the Pro plan provides a full 30 days of look back and the ability to include up to 10 cameras. The Basic plan is $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year. The Extended plan is $9.99 per month or $99.99 a year. The Pro plan is $19.99 a month or $199.99 a year.


Those who purchase the Amazon Cloud Cam are getting a camera with up to 1080p Full HD resolution with up to 30 frames per second. It comes with the camera itself, a 5W power adapter, USB power cable, a mounting kit, and a Quick Start Guide. The camera features one micro USB port for power, a 5mm by 11 mm by 3.5mm speaker with an omnidirectional microphone, and one RGB LED camera for status and eight IR LEDs for night vision.


A solid purchase for an indoor home security camera, the Amazon Cloud Cam is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable product that fits the budget. It is easy to use, and even with the Cloud Cam plus, it can be an easy way to keep an eye on the home.

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Travis Goodreau
Safety and Security Advisor
Travis is a retired Burglary Detective, having tallied 5,000+ burglary and theft cases throughout his career. He also served as an Arson Investigator, where he cracked the case of a serial arsonist, and made the arrest and prosecuted the would-be bomber of ABC-7 Studio in LA. We couldn’t be happier to have him as a Safety and Security Advisor. Learn more about Travis here
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Andrew Garcia
Lead Security Editor
As Lead Security Editor, Andrew strategically guides SafeHome and the resources we publish. He holds a BA in business, and has 10+ years of experience in content development. Today, Andrew edits and publishes articles, guides, and other resources to meet our rigorous standards. Learn more about Andrew here


  1. Avatar Crissymarie King says:

    Can the cloud storage be downloaded for local archive?

    1. Andrew Garcia Andrew Garcia says:

      Hi Crissymarie,
      You can download the last 24 hours of motion alert video clips.

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