Wink Lookout

What Is Wink Lookout?

Wink Lookout is a collection of smart security products that use the latest home security technology. The Wink Lookout smart home security system comes with a Wink Hub, two state-of-the-art window and door sensors, a motion sensor, a siren and chime, a power adapter, and an Ethernet cable. They also provide you with a free app that will send you instant alerts for your windows, doors, locks, garage doors, if activity is detected. This will allow you to respond quickly and accordingly once an alert is received. When you receive an alert, you can sound your Wink siren, dial 911, or call a contact to assist you with the situation.

The Wink website states that setting up their system is as simple as unboxing and powering on your sensors. However, experts and users beg to differ. We will talk more about that in a moment.

How Much Does Wink Lookout Cost?

When available, the Wink Lookout costs $199 and doesn't have any monthly fees. Additionally, they offer free shipping within the U.S., a 30-day return policy, and real human support. Wink also has add-on equipment options as well.

What Do Wink Lookout Reviews Say?

The Wink Hub 2 was highly recommended by experts and users alike. However, last July, Wink was acquired by at which time the new company rolled out the Wink Lookout and that's when things started to go downhill.

The Wink Lookout reviewers report common issues such as sensors that don't work consistently and that they don't read the open and close properly. Additionally, the sensors produce many false positives, which means it goes off constantly. It has also been reported that there are problems with the firmware and hardware. There was one consistent positive mentioned among reviewers, though, and that was Wink's live customer support. So there's that.

Considerations for Wink Security

Unfortunately, the Wink Lookout is extremely difficult to get up and running and is really hard to use once you do. Other negatives are that when the system is armed, it doesn't sound an alarm when the sensors detect activity, you have to manually sound the alarm once you receive an alert. Therefore, if you don't hear the alert as the activity is happening, you can't respond, which means you are basically leaving your home unprotected, and this poses a serious problem. Additionally, the starter kit doesn't work well with other home security features. And, as we mentioned above, the sensors are a huge vulnerability because they don't work consistently and send way too many false alarms.

So…what should you do?

Well, until the new company gets the kinks worked out of this system, it might be best to pass on the Wink Lookout for now and search for an alternative home security system that has similar features.

The Top 3 Alternatives to Wink Security

Here are the top three alternatives to the Wink Security system.

1. SimpliSafe

Like the Wink Lookout, SimpliSafe doesn't require you to sign a long-term contract, they offer a 60-day equipment trial, and their equipment is wireless and an easy DIY installation. Additionally, SimpliSafe will send you cellular alerts when activity is detected. And, just like the Wink Lookout system, with SimpliSafe, you buy all the equipment upfront so you own it. This reduces the associated monthly monitoring costs. Therefore, SimpliSafe is an extremely affordable home security system to have. Another great feature when choosing SimpliSafe is that they manufacture and sell their own equipment. That means they cut out the middleman, so everything costs less.

Unlike the Wink Lookout system, the SimpliSafe equipment is very easy to set up. You open the box and plug it in. There are no wires, no drilling, and no tools required. And their equipment is half the size of other leading brands, as well as having double the range. Additionally, their sensors are precision engineered to detect the unique human heat signatures and not those of your pets. This means there are far fewer false alarms.

2. Frontpoint

Frontpoint is similar to the Wink Lookout in many ways. However, Frontpoint is a far superior system to the Wink, or just about any other home security system on the market for that matter.

Frontpoint doesn't have any hidden fees, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, they send cellular alerts, have home automation features, and the Frontpoint equipment is a DIY installation. Additionally, Frontpoint has window and door sensors that work consistently, and they have a superior customer service team as well. Frontpoint is also compatible with any Z-Wave technology. And, the Frontpoint equipment is portable and very easy to install. Also, once the equipment is installed, it's extremely easy to use.

We can't say enough good things about Frontpoint's home security equipment, options, and features. This is definitively one you'll want to consider.

3. Brinks

Like the Wink Lookout, Brinks also has a low-cost security system that uses state-of-the-art smart home technology; however, they do require you to sign a 36-month contract. And even though they offer a DIY equipment installation, you can opt for professional installation if you're OK with paying an extra fee for it.

Brinks has a 30-day risk-free trial and a two-year warranty on all their equipment. Additionally, the Brinks wireless sensors work well and have a 200-foot range. And, they have a Hands-Free Alarm that works by detecting the vicinity of your mobile device and unlocking the door as you approach. The Brinks system also has a Hacker Protection feature that encrypts all sensor signals to help protect your home from unauthorized persons gaining access.

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