Window Alarms and Security

Protecting your home from break-ins has become easier today than ever before. With new technology offering a wide range of options to property owners, it’s clear that there are plenty of opportunities available to help you. Consider the windows of your home. Depending on their location, size, and security, you may want to consider a few extra tools to help you make your home a bit safer.

Windows to Secure

Which windows around your home should you protect? Virtually any window that provides an access point to your home, garage or any other connected structure to your home is one you need to have protection on.

Upstairs Windows

Upstairs windows, especially those that are easy to climb to, can prove to be one of the highest risk areas for many people. Placing a window sensor here may be the best option overall to detect any instance in which they are opened or left open.

Downstairs Windows

Downstairs or first floor windows are the easiest to get into especially if they are larger. These windows should have cameras and motion sensors trained on them to ensure you can spot anyone who tries to break in. Also, consider glass break protection on these windows.


Skylights may not seem like a big risk, but in some areas, they can be easy access points. Here, you’ll want glass break sensors since most skylights don’t open. If yours do, then you’ll want to also consider window sensors that pick up on any opening of them.

Window Security Options

A number of options exist to help you add more security around your home’s windows. It’s important to consider your specific risk factors for break-ins along with any other goals you want (such as making sure no one tries to duck out in the middle of the night). Here are some features to consider.

Glass Break Sensors

Some of the best home security systems offer glass break sensors. These sensors react and alert you, or sometimes the monitoring company overseeing your home’s security, that glass has been broken along the windows. Since this is a common way for people to break into the home, it is one of the best options for windows along the first floor of the home.

Outdoor Security Cameras

Having security cameras makes sense, but many people don’t place them along the windows that they should. Outdoor security cameras placed near larger windows, especially those that are large enough for someone to get into, should have a camera on them. This may include any floor-to-ceiling windows, windows near your doors, or those along your garage.

Motion Lights

Motion lights can be an excellent option for protection around windows, too. When choosing motion lights for the outdoor area of your home, choose those with a large enough field of vision to include all of the high-risk areas around your home. This way, if there is motion along the windows in a bedroom or by the front area of the home, the lights turn on and encourage anyone there to leave. This can also help your outdoor security cameras to capture the movement.

Window Sensors

Window sensors should be fitted to most high-risk windows around your home. This should include bedrooms, especially those with children in them, and any window along the first floor of your home. When the sensor is triggered, it sends a message directly to your app or the home monitoring company to react.

Home Security System Options for Window Security

When it comes to finding the best security for your home’s windows, there are a few key things to take into consideration. Most importantly, you want a trusted company with the features you need. Here are a few key recommendations.

1. SimpliSafe

When it comes to window security, SimpliSafe has the protection you need. All of their home security kits come with window sensors. These magnetic sensors can be mounted with removable adhesive, and they go the distance to alarm you if (or when!) a burglar targets your home. SimpliSafe also offers glass-break sensors that detect the high-frequency sound of glass breaking. And finally, it never hurts to have additional window security in the form of cameras and motion detectors. All of SimpliSafe’s equipment is 100% wireless, affordable, and doesn’t require a long-term contract.

2. Vivint

Vivint is also one of the most versatile providers of home security. The company’s Smart Window and Door sensors provide a great deal of protection for you. One of the key features here is the reduced false alarms, so you aren’t receiving calls just because you opened the window. Cameras and motion sensors are also available through Vivint. Fixed cameras are a good option for those who want versatility (even some of the indoor cameras can work well for larger windows).

3. ADT

ADT offers several window security features, too. The Window Sensors from ADT offer entry detection as well as automatic alerts. They are also available in several styles to fit most of your needs. Once in place, you can track any instance in which they are opened. ADT’s indoor and outdoor cameras offer a good field of vision and with clear pictures.

4. Frontpoint

Frontpoint is a leading home security provider because it offers a wide range of options for all areas of the home. With Frontpoint, you can purchase monitoring services. The company also offers a full line of outdoor security cameras with wide-angle lenses to capture a large field of view. You can often train them on your doors and windows with ease. You may also want to consider the company’s window sensors, which triggers when the window is opened or if you leave it open accidentally. Frontpoint also offers glass break sensors and motion sensors that work very well on windows.

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