Walk-In Tubs and Preventing Falls

Walk-in tubs offer seniors and other individuals with mobility issues an improved level of safety and independence while bathing.

Features and prices vary by manufacturer and specific model.

What is a Walk-in Tub?

A walk-in tub has a door on the front, with low step-in threshold. This allows users the opportunity to bathe without fear of falling while getting into or out of the tub, or while bathing. Walk-in tubs allow seniors and individuals with mobility issues the independence of bathing on their own, without having to rely on family members or other caregivers to bathe them.

Walk-in tubs offer a variety of standard features that includes a seat inside the tub, along with grab bars, and an anti-scald valve.

Optional add-on features, such as therapeutic massage, hand-held shower head, and chromatherapy potentially contribute to a truly enjoyable bath experience.

How Do Walk-In Tubs Prevent Falls?

The National Council on Aging (NCOA) reveals that every 11 seconds, an older person in the U.S. receives treatment in the emergency room due to a fall, and that every 19 minutes, an older individual dies from a fall. More than 80 percent of falls occur in the bathroom, with many occurring getting into or out of the tub.

There are a variety of ways that walk-in tubs help prevent falls. They have a low step-in threshold, meaning that the person does not have to step up to the height of a traditional bathtub to get into or out of the tub.

The textured floor of a walk-in tub help prevent falls. Walk-in tubs feature a secure seat inside the tub, often with a textured surface that further helps prevent falls. Getting up from the seat is likely much safer than attempting to get up from the floor of a regular tub. Grab bars offer additional safety not found in the manufacture of a traditional-style bathtub.

Walk-In Tub Prices

Some manufacturers sell walk-in tubs direct to the consumer, while others offer walk-in tubs for sale through retailers. The price varies by manufacturer, model, and optional features.

Some manufacturers make only one or two walk-in tub options, while others manufacture a variety of options, with exceptional features such as whirlpool or air massage, or custom finishes.

One important point that seniors or other individuals need to consider prior to purchasing a walk-in tub is the installation. Discuss whether the purchase price of the tub includes installation or whether the purchaser is completely responsible for hiring a professional to install the walk-in tub.

Walk-in tub prices range from around $3,000 to more than $10,000. When you discuss specific models and features with the company representative or retail salesperson, make sure that you understand the total cost of your walk-in tub, including installation, and optional features.

Manufacturers sometimes offer discounts on the purchase or installation of walk-in tubs. Ask your representative about sales and discounts before making your purchase.

The Best Walk-In tub Brands

These walk-in tub brands offer quality products, with options that improve the quality and safety of the bathing experience for seniors and others that have difficulty bathing in a traditional tub.

1. Safe Step

Safe Step manufactures every walk-in tub with parts made in the USA. The company offers a lifetime guarantee on its walk-in tubs.

Each walk-in tub made by Safe Step includes multiple therapeutic features, including an anti-slip seat and floor, along with anti-scald technology. There are several optional add-on features available, including a dual hydrotherapy massage system that allows for a spa-like bath, and wheelchair accessible tub and shower options.

Safe Step requires that individuals considering purchasing a Safe Step walk-in tub contact the company and speak to a representative about pricing. They do not offer exact pricing information on their website.

2. American Standard

Enjoy a variety of walk-in tub models and installation configurations when you choose an American Standard walk-in tub.

American Standard offers several walk-in tub models including deep soaking tubs, whirlpool tubs, air bath walk-in tubs, and combination options. The company offers accessible walk-in tub options.

American Standard reveals the price of each model on its website. The company also includes a link for an installation estimate.

American Standard offers several short walk-in tub videos on its site that likely helps with decisions about purchasing the ideal American Standard walk-in tub for your needs.

3. Kohler

Kohler indicates that the company offers the lowest step-in threshold of any other company that manufactures walk-in tubs. This feature, combined with the extra wide doors, likely contributes to an improved sense of security for individuals getting into or out of the bath.

Kohler allows customers the opportunity to personalize their walk-in tub with optional faucet finishes and customized walls. Kohler offers fast-drain technology, with quick fill and drain times.

Kohler arranges for installation by one of its certified specialists in as little as one day. The company provides a lifetime limited warranty on its walk-in tubs.

Potential customers call or visit the website for pricing information.

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