Spectrum Home Security

Spectrum Security offers home security to homeowners that want to protect their home from potential intruders, and keep their family safe.

Learn about Spectrum Security and how it works, and learn about alternatives to Spectrum Home Security.

What is Spectrum Security?

Spectrum Home Security uses its exclusive home security equipment that a representative installs in your home. The system is a 24-hour monitored security system that uses your wireless router, cable connection, and internet.

The basic system includes a touch screen, one wireless motion detector, two wireless door and window sensors, and yard signs. Upgrade or choose add-ons and receive additional equipment such as additional sensors and motion detectors, a wireless camera that works day or night, glass break detector, wireless keypad for second entrance, wireless smoke detector, thermostat, and key fob.

Some areas have the option to add a carbon monoxide detector, and flood detector. Cameras use wireless technology that sends still-shots or live video to your mobile device or computer. Speak with a Spectrum Security representative to learn more about security service and products in your area.

How Much Does Spectrum Security Cost?

There is no pricing provided on the Spectrum Home Security website. The company indicates in its Installation and Services Agreement that payments are not based on the value of the premises or its contents. Charges only apply to the cost of providing the equipment, and continuous monitoring.

The company does not quote specific prices because prices potentially vary from one area to another, and are subject to change.

Some websites indicate that Spectrum Security costs start as low as $39.99 and go up to $199 or more. These other sites do not indicate what is included in those costs. Spectrum representatives provide up-to-date pricing on their home security.

What do Spectrum Security Reviews Say?

Spectrum reviews vary across different websites. The company receives a rating of one star on some sites, while receiving higher ratings on other sites.

Spectrum is not an accredited Better Business Bureau (BBB) business. Although Spectrum is not an accredited business, the BBB has numerous reviews, primarily related to internet and phone services.

Considerations for Spectrum Security

Spectrum had a security flaw in 2018 that potentially exposed the identities of many users and placed them at risk of further vulnerabilities. While this occurred on the Spectrum website, some Spectrum home security customers likely visit the website on occasion.

The hacker gained access to millions of Spectrum customers’ personal information. Charter Communications, the parent company, did not reveal the specific number of customers affected by the 2018 breach.

Disadvantages include the fact that Spectrum states in its agreement that it potentially uses refurbished equipment, and that you have to be a Spectrum internet customer to receive Spectrum Security.

The Top 3 Alternatives to Spectrum Security

There are alternatives to Spectrum Security. These top three alternatives offer similarities to Spectrum Home Security, possibly making these companies a good option for home security.

1. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe allows customers a 60-day trial, and offers a full refund if a customer returns the equipment within the 60 days. SimpliSafe is completely wireless, offers 24-hour monitoring, and sets up in minutes. Representatives help customers through installation if they need assistance.

SimpliSafe offers several packages, with prices listed on the website, compared to Spectrum that does not offer exact pricing on its site. Save 25 to 30 percent if you opt for refurbished equipment, still covered by the SimpliSafe warranty.

The company has many positive reviews from professional companies listed on its website. SimpliSafe has an A+ BBB rating.

2. ADT

ADT is a recognized name in home security with more than 140 years experience. Their basic package is similar to Spectrum’s basic home security package. ADT offers customizable packages for specific needs of customers.

Arm and disarm the home security system with the mobile app, and check on your home from a remote location.

If there is a break-in while you have your ADT system armed, the company pays up to $500 of your insurance deductible. Spectrum indicates that it cannot guarantee against break-ins.

3. Frontpoint

Frontpoint Home Security claims that it, “secures your home like no one else can,” and offers easy set-up for home security customers. Frontpoint uses advanced technology, custom home automation, 24/7 monitoring, and rapid response times.

There is no waiting for installers because Frontpoint does not use installers. The company offers a Smart Home Concierge if you need it. The set-up wizard takes you through each step. There is also no drilling or complicated wiring with Frontpoint Home Security.

The system comes completely wireless, posing no risks associated with burglars that cut internet or phone lines. You have powerful encryption that further protect against intruders gaining access. This system allows homeowners to control your Frontpoint Security, and all your devices with the same app, your voice, watch, or television.

While there are similarities to Spectrum Security, Frontpoint has an A+ BBB rating, compared to Spectrum, which is not an accredited BBB company. They offer some pricing on the site, while Spectrum offers none. There is no extra charge for monitoring fire, environmental or other emergencies. Frontpoint offers stand-alone security, while Spectrum offers home security only to its internet customers.

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