Special Uses for Basic Security Sensors

Magnetic entryway sensors are simple devices packed with potential. These inexpensive two-part gadgets send alerts when their magnetic circuits are broken. Usually they guard windows and doors but the possibilities are endless! Our favorite magnetic sensors can sound sirens and notify emergency personnel when triggered or can be set to only notify owners via email and/or text message.

Below are places and ways to use basic magnetic security sensors for purposes other than guarding windows and main entryways.


Add a magnetic sensor to your mailbox for convenience and security. You can receive a text message whenever your mailbox is opened, letting you know that mail has been delivered… or that mayhem is afoot.

Dog Door

Where’s the dog? Your dog might not send texts, but a magnetic sensor placed on a dog door can help keep tabs on your furry friend.

Gun Cabinet

Keep your weapons well protected and help prevent tragedies. Firearms stolen from homes comprise a large part of America’s illegal gun market, and easily accessible guns also contribute to thousands of suicides and accidental shootings at home every year. A magnetic entryway sensor can provide backup to your gun cabinet’s lock. You can choose to connect the sensor to an emergency monitoring center or keep the entry alerts private.

Medicine & Liquor Cabinets

Protect kids from their own curiosity. Parents can attach magnetic sensors to medicine cabinets and liquor storage areas, effectively patrolling these areas with silent alerts at all times.

Childproof Cabinets

With small children or any housepet, it's of course responsible to store poisons out of reach. Magnetic sensors can be useful backup to the traditional childproofing of cabinets used for cleaning supplies, lighters and other dangerous materials.

Desk Drawers

Don’t let anyone invade your privacy without getting caught. Discover snoopers! Magnetic sensors can be attached to desk drawers, dresser drawers and so forth. Get email and/or text alerts when security is breached.

Inside Doors

Usually magnetic entry sensors guard main doorways. However, they can also be attached to bedroom doors, closet doors and other interior doors. They can be obvious or hidden. This use of security sensors is especially popular among people who have roommates or unrelated housemates.

Automobiles and Boats

If your automobile doesn’t have a security system, magnetic sensors could be an ideal DIY solution. This use of sensors is especially popular among people who normally store expensive gear for work or leisure in a car or truck… And you store a boat on your property, then consider adding magnetic sensors there too. Just remember that your vehicle needs to be parked within range of your wireless security hub for the sensor to be effective.

Backyard Shed

Magnetic sensors can help guard the windows and doors of storage sheds. Help keep tools and other valuables secure by connecting the sensor to an alarm that notifies your household, neighbors and police.

More About Magnetic Sensors…

Just about everyone has valuables to protect. Even if you're not concerned about theft, you probably care about privacy! Magnetic entry sensors can provide great peace of mind. They're included with most of the best security systems you'll see on our site, plus security companies sell them separately for about $15 to $35 each.

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